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Boost 360 Construction Services Edition provides construction subcontractors with a flexible, comprehensive and scalable solution to manage every aspect of their business.

Our solution is a revolutionary concept that aims to simplify software for construction services businesses in the cloud, from Sales and Marketing, through Accounting to Mobile Staff and Inventory management.

A Unified BMP Will Help You Avoid Disparity.

Klugo, together with our SuiteApp Partners Next Technik, Cooper Software, NetScore and Infinet Cloud, have built the world’s first Business Management Platform [BMP] aimed at helping construction service providers to simplify, take control and implement adaptability strategies in a disruptive industry.

Disparate systems can lead to a wide range of problems for your organization, including increased budgets due to system upgrades, business connection difficulties, and specialised employee resources.

Boost 360 Construction Services Edition gives businesses the opportunity to simplify their software strategy and consolidate their systems in a single cloud platform, providing a foundation to manage their entire data and operations and give their teams the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

With Boost 360 providers servicing the construction industry can manage: Sales and CRM, Accounting and Finance, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Field Service Scheduling, Payroll, Project Management, Workflows, Automation, Dashboards and Reporting. Everything small and medium providers servicing constructions currently need or will end up needing as they addapt and implement diferent business strategies.

Centralised Management

A single platform across departments.

Real-Time Data

Live information in any device.

Advanced Analytics

Unparalled business dashboards.

Process Automation

Boost efficency with automated workflows.

Business Alerts

Get informed as soon as things happen.


Solution Map

We have built a solution that provides comprehensive functionality across every department of a construction service provider. Furthermore, this edition is modular, so it can be configured to meet your exact requirements and it can be scaled gradually as new modules are needed.

Sales and CRM

For Construction Services businesses, the concept of Sales and CRM is a little different. Klugo have adapted the NetSuite CRM and Sales Automation solution to closely align with the unique requirements of the construction industry.

Whether you are quoting and estimating for simple, quick projects, or large, complex and lengthy projects, NetSuite CRM will help your sales team and estimators to ensure that the process of managing presales, from estimates to opportunity pipeline is as simple and automated as possible.

Sales and CRM Available Modules

Boost 360 Construction Services Edition supports busy sales and estimating teams by providing a fully functional set of tools to empower them to quote and estimate accurately and quickly.


Customer Relationship Management

Manage contact details, communications, open cases and information from customers, vendors, partners, builders, architects and more. Users can track their own and other users interactions with customers and contacts. Teams have the ability to visualise projects and opportunities and collaborate with other team members and third parties.


NetSuite’s Marketing Automation module gives construction services businesses the ability to automate their marketing campaigns to clients and prospects, as well as partners and vendors. Track interactions with your marketing campaigns, understand where your leads are coming from and start making marketing decisions based on real-time ROI information.

Quoting and Estimating

Estimating can be a complex task. Because NetSuite is a single source of truth, it is
easier than ever to estimate and quote projects because all inventory, project and resource information lives in the same system.

Opportunity & Tender Management

Your development team will be able to manage your project pipeline, log new opportunities and effectively work in the presales process. Keep tender documentation together, streamline the request for quote process and get real-time visibility into the progress and win probabilities.

Vendor and Contractor Communications

NetSuite CRM is designed to help your team manage communications, tasks and events in relation to any stakeholder your business deals with including: Head Contractors, Vendors and Suppliers, Manufacturers, Architects and Surveyors, Clients and Owners, Real Estate and Strata
Management Companies

Task Management

NetSuite becomes the main driver of tasks and completions in your business. Tasks can be assigned to any user and linked to any record in NetSuite which streamlines access to information, promotes collaboration between teams and allows for data-driven creation of tasks and to-do lists.

Do you need help choosing a correct configuration?

We have created a set of tools that can help you choose the correct configuration of our solution for your business:

Requirements planner

Use this tool to make a complete scope of our solution. Answer a set of personalised questionnaires and get a module list.

Try it now

Edition Helper

Answer few questions and in less than three minutes get a list of core system functionalities and the modules they include.

Try it now

Product Guide

Download the complete product guide and learn about the platform, all the modules available, benefits and product comparisons.

Download Guide

Accounting and Finances

Managing the accounting and financial control of a construction services business is vital. NetSuite provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage all standard and project accounting requirements including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, financial and project profitability reporting, payroll, job costing and more.

Boost 360 Construction Services Edition allows growing subcontractors to streamline the flow of transactions and information between the accounting department and other operational areas of the business as well as increase financial control through approvals and workflow management.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payables can manage prefered vendors from RFQ’s, manage blanket purchase order entry and approvals at the project level and create vendor bills in a simple dashboard view.

The Accounts Receivable team will be able to create progress and milestone-based invoices, as well as create detailed project task completion reporting for client review.

General Ledger

NetSuite’s unique approach to managing your GL through meta‑tags also means that you will be able to get granular insights into your business projects, and overall financial performance as pivot this information by departments, locations, projects, project types, clients or any custom segment that you define in the system.

Advanced Project Accounting

Boost 360 Construction Services allows businesses to manage retentions, project cost allocations such as labour, subcontractors and materials as well as advanced project accounting reporting. ProScope also adds advanced project budgeting functionality to allow you to track committed costs and costs to complete.

Financial Reporting

NetSuite comes with a wide range of standard and customisable reports to help you gain better visibility over your financial position. With over 70 built-in reports, NetSuite supports growing construction services businesses by giving them access to role-based dashboards that are designed to provide real-time information across all accounting operations.

Multicompany Management

Construction services businesses are usually made up of a number of individual entities. NetSuite gives you the ability to manage all subsidiaries in a single database, with the ability to automate intercompany trading and consolidation reporting. NetSuite also supports multi-country/currency group hierarchies and is designed to simplify managing multiple companies.

Fixed Assets

NetSuite provides on platform fixed asset management functionality including creating, depreciating and disposing of assets. In addition to this, you are able to manage leasing or finance information, maintenance schedules and create compounded assets from individual components.


Boost 360 Construction Edition includes an Australian/New Zealand specific NetSuite single touch payroll compliant solution. Employees will be able to enter their timesheets directly into NetSuite, allocate time to specific projects and project tasks and access all employment and payroll information through an interactive employee centre. Payroll can then be processed and ABA files generated to ensure pay runs are smooth and on time.

Accounting and Finances Available Modules

Being a single platform, NetSuite empowers accounting teams as well as operations and field teams by giving them access to vital customer and vendor accounts information in real time, from any device.

Do you need help choosing a correct configuration?

We have created a set of tools that can help you choose the correct configuration of our solution for your business:

Requirements planner

Use this tool to make a complete scope of our solution. Answer a set of personalised questionnaires and get a module list.

Try it now

Edition Helper

Answer few questions and in less than three minutes get a list of core system functionalities and the modules they include.

Try it now

Product Guide

Download the complete product guide and learn about the platform, all the modules available, benefits and product comparisons.

Download Guide

Field Service

For a growing construction services business, managing mobile team members and subcontractors can be difficult. Boost 360 Construction Services Edition has on platform functionality to allow you to manage all aspects of field service including resource scheduling for inspections, installations and repairs as well as simplifying the way data is captured in the field.

For business who require field-based inventory consumption tracking, NextService allows for live lookup of van stock and instantaneous consumption/allocation of inventory to a task or project.

Field Service available modules.

Having an on platform field service management solution empowers your businesses with greater visibility and more accurate and timely job completion information. Track the location of all mobile resources side by side with drag and drop scheduling.


Scheduling and Dispatch

Our industry-leading ‘drag and drop’ scheduling tool allows you to schedule all planned jobs to individuals or teams and their resources with just a few clicks.

Customisable and colour coded schedule boards give an instant view to all planned, in progress and completed jobs. GPS integration makes assign jobs easy whilst seeing the real-time location of field-based staff.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is key in the construction services industry. Being able to empower your field team with historical information and current customer information allows them to provide industry-leading customer service.

Mobile Forms

Collect more data from the field that can be used to improve operational efficiency and decision making. Understand in real-time how your field team are performing, what jobs are in progress and which jobs have been completed and are ready for billing. Customised forms to capture any information in the field such as pre-start checklists.

Work Order Management

Implement the work order management processes that fit your business. Create work orders or jobs from NetSuite cases, sales orders and projects – or from NextService customer assets. Schedule them using the NextService scheduler and instantly dispatch work to field staff on the mobile app.

Asset Management

Manage client assets by either serial number or physical location and keep a full history of all inspection, installation and defects or repairs. Boost 360 Construction Services Edition allows users to gain a complete overview of your clients including a detailed report of all assets under management as well as scheduled and break-fix maintenance.

Mobile Inventory

NextService enables companies to track and consume inventory in the field – reducing inventory leakage and eliminating write-downs due to lost or missing components. Technicians can consume inventory from existing Sales Orders using a built-in barcode scanner.

Mobile Job Management

The NextService mobile app is configurable to meet the unique needs of your field organization. Add or remove tabs, include custom checklists or forms, append custom fields – even display the Sales Order associated with the work. The NextService mobile app delivers a seamless on-platform solution for construction services business to manage their data capture in the field.

Mobile Subcontractor Management

If your business engages multiple subcontractors as a part of your overall project resource allocation, you can simplify the data capture process by giving them access to the NextService mobile app. They will be able to enter all job-related information, take photos of completions and complete mobile forms to minimise your teams’ administration.

Do you need help choosing a correct configuration?

We have created a set of tools that can help you choose the correct configuration of our solution for your business:

Requirements planner

Use this tool to make a complete scope of our solution. Answer a set of personalised questionnaires and get a module list.

Try it now

Edition Helper

Answer few questions and in less than three minutes get a list of core system functionalities and the modules they include.

Try it now

Product Guide

Download the complete product guide and learn about the platform, all the modules available, benefits and product comparisons.

Download Guide

Project Management

Boost 360 Construction Services Edition project management solution enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times.

With NetSuite’s cloud-based solution, stakeholders can see, monitor and manage project status anytime, anywhere. With complete visibility and control, you have real-time access to all of your project information. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients and reduced non-billable work.

Our project management module allows users to manage retentions, estimating, advance resource planning, advanced job costing and project profitability reporting as well as tools to streamline project billing.

Project Planning

Manage projects more effectively, set up projects easily using project templates, utilise flexible project duplication options to create new projects from templates and flexibly assign resources. Our solution helps project managers to view the entire project plan with an easy-to-read Gantt chart and get a comprehensive real-time snapshot of project status, down to the task level.

Resource Planning

NetSuite and ProScope help you to effectively track and allocate resources, specific or generic, by defining multiple booking types and allocate by specific timeframes to provide in-depth visibility. You can also automate resource utilisation reporting, and set up live dashboards to help you understand in real-time what is happening in your business.

Project Procurement

With Boost 360 Construction Services you will be able to effectively manage RFQ’s and vendor communications, choose a prefered vendor/subcontractor for projects, manage ordering and delivery timeframes and sign-offs. Because you are working in a single platform, project profitability reporting is real-time.

Project Time and Expenses

Enter time and expenses against projects and specific project tasks. This information flows through to the accounting and payroll modules to automate project reporting and payroll processing. Employees will also be able to raise purchase orders against a project with full approval processes in place.

Project Billing

Centralise all project information including task and milestone completions in order to provide a streamlined way to bill customers in line with your contracts. NetSuite supports multiple billing methods including time and materials, progress claim billing, cost plus billing and ad hoc billing.

Job Costing

Proscope’s job cost reporting enhancements make NetSuite the ideal solution for project accounting and financial reporting and job cost reporting. You will be able to manage cost codes and phase codes in order to get real time information as information is entered into the system regarding labour, materials and subcontractors.

Project Reporting

Our built-in reports provide a solid starting point for project reporting. These reports are also able to be copied and customised to include any information you require, such as budgets and variations. These reports are also able to be further filtered to give you valuable insights into your project performance, KPI’s and profitability.

Project Management Available Modules

A comprehensive on-platform solution that is designed to help streamline project management and administration. Whether you are managing small simple projects or larger and more complex projects, Boost 360 Construction Services Edition can be configured to meet your requirements.

Do you need help choosing a correct configuration?

We have created a set of tools that can help you choose the correct configuration of our solution for your business:

Requirements planner

Use this tool to make a complete scope of our solution. Answer a set of personalised questionnaires and get a module list.

Try it now

Edition Helper

Answer few questions and in less than three minutes get a list of core system functionalities and the modules they include.

Try it now

Product Guide

Download the complete product guide and learn about the platform, all the modules available, benefits and product comparisons.

Download Guide

accounting and financial

Additional Core Functionallity


Inventory, Materials and MRP

Whether you need to manage the project procurement process, define demand or supply plans for work orders and assemblies or manage a complex manufacturing process, NetSuite has a range of modules available to help.

With NetSuite Inventory Management, you will be able to manage your warehouses or inventory locations as well as manage all types of inventory/materials such as serialised items, lots, batches and more.

NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies and WIP and Routing functionality also allow you to expand the system to manage all aspects of MRP.


Dashboards and Reporting

One of the biggest benefits of managing your entire business on a single platform is the ability to report across all departments in real-time.

Boost 360 Construction Services Edition has pre-built roles, dashboards and reports to suit a wide range of users including:

CEO, CFO and COO, AP, AR and Accounts, Sales and Business Development, Project Management, Inventory, Warehouse and Supply Chain Manager and more.


Workflow and Automation

For many construction services businesses, repetitive tasks can waste thousands of hours per year. NetSuite has an on‑platform workflow automation design engine that will help you to manage automation and approvals in the system and free up your teams time for profit-generating activities.

When the workflow and approval automation tools are not enough, NetSuite is also able to be customised with scripts and development enhancements in order to help make your NetSuite as highly aligned to your business processes as possible.

Find out the modules and technology available for these three core functionality areas downloading the complete guide for our solution.



Download Boost 360 Construction Services Edition Complete Product Guide

Our full product guide contains a complete list with all the modules included in the bundle, product comparisons, case studies and essential information regarding this comprehensive BMP for Construction Service Providers. Download now for free.

Why is Boost 360 bundled in Oracle NetSuite?

We chose to build Boost 360 on NetSuite because it is leading the market in cloud business technology for small to medium enterprises. With over 40,000 business using NetSuite across the globe, NetSuite has become the world’s fastest-growing Business Management Platform and continues to increase its lead with regards to functionality and product development. NetSuite excels in the following six areas:

1. It is True Cloud

True cloud is software that is scripted in internet languages, connected with APIs and built for access on multiple devices.

2. Modular Scalability

NetSuite provides you with a platform with built-in core modules that you can activate gradually to manage different areas of your business.

3. Multi-Tenanted

Every NetSuite customer is
always running on the latest
version, their customisations are in a layer on top the base code and they don’t break on upgrades.

4. Rapid Implementation

NetSuite SuiteSuccess has been designed for rapid delivery fast-tracking the go-live in as little as 100 days.

5. SaaS Model

SaaS pricing includes support and maintenance, as you grow, the only additional costs you need to worry about is adding more users.

6. Extendable SuiteApps

SuiteApps are applications that extend NetSuite functionallity. They are built on NetSuite, which means there is no integration required.

Boost 360 Stairway for Construction Services

Boost 360 Construction Services Edition is modular. That means that you can prioritise different areas of functionality and go live with the system as quickly as possible. Once live, you will be able to continually enhance and expand the solutions to meet the changing needs of your growing business.


  • Accounting and Financials
  • Project Management
  • Project Procurement
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Field Mobility


  • CRM
  • Sales Automation
  • Equipment and Fixed Asset Management


  • Warehouse management
  • Advanced Inventory Manamagent


  • Demand planning
  • Supply planning
  • MRP Planning and Routing


  • Marketing automation
  • Work Centre Reporting
  • Warehouse Automation

Our Evaluation Process

Our process is specific to construction businesses, and this allows our customers to grow on NetSuite, a real-time, centralised cloud platform, in a way that is tailored to their vision and scalable to support their growth, delivering an agile and phased approach.

1. Qualification

Try our industry leading interactive tools that can help you conduct a qualification of your solution:

2. Discovery

If you decided that our solution fits your needs, one of our Solutions Consultant will work together with you and your team to provide a high level overview of your current business systems, processes and procedures and map this information.

3. Demonstration

We will provide a tailored demonstration of the key areas of your business to illustrate the efficiencies that KITS Construction Services Edition provides. The demonstration is used to show real life examples and will give you a clear understanding of the system.

4. Proposals

We will work with you to finalise your requirements. Our professional services team will get an Implementation Estimate for your review. This proposal, will give you all the information you require to make a final decision.

5. Negotiations

We are experts when it comes to negotiating and finalising your agreement with NetSuite. Klugo has been a five-stars NetSuite Solution Provider since 2015, you can benefit from our experience in securing the best deal possible with NetSuite and getting access credit with Oracle Finance.

Need a specialist’s free advice?

Feel free to call an expert in BMP Systems for Construction Providers today. Find out how Boost 360 cloud-based technology can support your service driven subcontractor business.

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