From Xero to NetSuite in 45 Days.

From Xero to NetSuite in 45 Days.

Products like MYOB and Xero provide outstanding accounting functionality. However, as businesses grow and prepare for the future, they find that the complexity of managing their distribution operations increases, and the limits of these entry-level software packages can become a daily frustration.

Differences in Xero vs NetSuite.

SuiteSuccess Starter Edition is Oracle+NetSuite’s newest product offering, and it promises to revolutionise the way that small and medium-sized businesses approach upgrading from entry-level accounting packages.

SuiteSuccess Starter is an out-of-the-box NetSuite Edition, pre-built with the leading practices for a growing small business, incorporating tailored dashboards, roles, workflows and more. SuiteSuccess Starter edition provides core functionality across.

  1. Accounting and Financial Management.
  2. Sales, Marketing and CRM Management.
  3. Operations and Business Intelligence.
  4. Inventory and Warehouse Management.

SuiteSuccess Starter is the ideal solution for growing businesses to painlessly upgrade from stand alone accounting packages, and offers the functionality to streamline your Inventory Management, Demand Planning, Work Order Management and more.=

For over 20 years, NetSuite has been the leader in Cloud ERP for Distributors and boasts some of the world’s leading wholesalers as happy clients.

If you’re sinking in a sea of systems, spreadsheets, integrations and API’s, read on.

Your Step-by-Step Guide

Cloud technology has taken hold. Leaders in their industries have already adopted the latest technology as it provides real-time information, access from anywhere in the world, and a better end user experience.

What is SuiteSuccess?

SuiteSuccess is NetSuite’s latest innovation designed to expand businesses upgrade their legacy systems to an industry-tailored out-of-the-box business management platform.

The rapid implementation model is only possible due to the leading practices already built into the SuiteSuccess platform. Hours of implementation and scripting effort has been bundled into the account from the first day, which means customers and implementation partners can focus on loading customer, vendor, item and inventory data into the system, and move into testing without having to build the system from the ground up.

What are the leading practices?

For over 20 years, NetSuite has dominated the Cloud ERP space. With the combined learnings of thousands of implementations, NetSuite has taken this information to build out standard industry practices including a chart of accounts, reports, dashboards, roles, and custom information to give wholesale distributors a platform to grow.

How do you know it SuiteSucess is right for you?

There are four common situations where SuiteSuccess rapid implementation provides a superior experience for customers:

1. You are facing severe time constraints.

  • You are currently using a legacy system or version that is going to become unsupported, or your contract is nearing expiry.
  • You are starting a new business, with tight timeframes to commence operations.

2. Your current software is preventing growth.

  • Legacy systems are preventing you from acquiring new business, or improving current processes to allow for the management of increased demand.
  • Your business model has changed, and existing processes and procedures do not translate to the new business strategy.

3. You are hiring more people to handle growth.

  • You’re hiring for labour that could otherwise be handled through process improvement and automation.
  • You’ve hired more sales, accounting or warehouse staff to compensate for inefficient systems.

4. Your customer service level has dropped due to increased demand.

  • You do not have internal knowledge of best practices and need support to ensure that you are operating in the best possible way.
  • You’ve lost staff in the business that helps key knowledge in business operations.
  • Your staff are being stretched too thin as the business grows.

If you are facing any of the above challenges, connect with us on the form below and one of our SuiteSuccess experts to help guide you through an evaluation of Xero vs NetSuite or download our Ultimate Buyers Guide to NetSuite

Klugo are leaders in leveraging the power of NetSuite. As a 5 Star NetSuite Partner, we help businesses take their first step into ERP, and support their ongoing journey to maximise their investment in Cloud ERP technology.

Need a specialist’s free advice?

Feel free to call an expert in SuiteSuccess. Find out how NetSuite cloud-based technology can transform your business.

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Top Three Pain Points For SMEs Outgrowing Accounting Software

Top Three Pain Points For SMEs Outgrowing Accounting Software

This article was written by Brendan Laufenberg, SME Consultant, Klugo. 

As a specialist in cloud software for SMEs, I work daily to help growing companies evaluate the proven benefits of upgrading their internal software systems to a single, cloud-based business management platform. Generally, there are three key factors that trigger this move.

1.   Multiple Software Packages and Databases

How does it happen? As a small business grows, their requirements for different types of software to manage information increases. Over the years, owners often make multiple software purchase decisions and end up with five or six different software packages to manage CRM, Accounting, Marketing, Project Management etc. I regularly find that a huge number of spreadsheets are used to track and report on information that is not captured in the existing software packages. What’s the impact on the business? An enormous amount of time and effort is spent to aggregate data for reports, which over time also leads to inaccurate reporting.

2.   Multiple Accounts/Logins

How does it happen? SME accounting software is designed to help a new business move away from spreadsheets to a more sophisticated system. At a certain point, it starts to make sense for a business to separate some of their operations from an accounting and entity ownership point of view. When this happens, most people set up multiple accounts of their accounting software for each company, which causes several back-office inefficiencies. What’s the impact on the business? In order to manage the new complexity, owners hire additional staff to handle the increased workload. Staff spend huge amounts of time not only logging in and out of different systems, but also correcting errors due to the wrong information being entered into the system.

3.   Duplication of Data Entry 

How does it happen?  As there are so many different databases, staff spend a great deal of time updating different systems with the same information, or uploading and downloading information to share between systems. What’s the impact on the business? By continuing down the path of having multiple systems, owners can expect staff to be far less efficient in their ability to do their jobs, as well as needing to invest a lot of money in maintaining a fractured software cluster. This only gets worse as the business grows and time goes on. My work is challenging and rewarding. I get to help small businesses evaluate their current systems, and find a genuine ROI in both time and money when they make the decision to upgrade to NetSuite for Small Business. If your business experiences any of these issues and you’d like to find out more about possible solutions, please feel free to reach out – I’m always happy to have a discussion or grab a coffee. Get in touch – [email protected]