Enhancing Your NetSuite Solution

Industry-leading solution accelerators developed by NetSuite Professional Services. These scripts leverage leading practices amassed over two decades and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

SuiteSolutions catalogue includes NetSuite enhancements to address product capabilities, global organisations, integration, industry-specific requirements and role-based dashboards.

Administrative Enhancements

These ready-to-launch solutions address common business requirements across market verticals to facilitate accelerated time-to-market and reduce development costs. Enhance your NetSuite product capabilities and increase your business agility.

Administration & Controls

Provides administrators configurable tools that manage account access, security and internal audit.

Advanced Approvals

Provides a configurable workflow for transaction approvals.

CSV Integrator

An integrated solution to read CVS files from an external file system for import into NetSuite.

Dashboard Tiles

Grab the users immediate attention by both colour and blinking images to highlight important KPI’s on dashboards.

Navigation Portlets

Custom portlet designed to make navigating even more straightforward as it gives quick access to menus by common business/role functions.

PDF Generator

This solution gives added style flexibility on entity, transaction and custom record PDF’s both for printing and emailing.

Inventory Enhancements

SuiteSolutions are great to extend NetSuite inventory management needs. From running the manufacturing floor to adding specific reports or widgets. No matter the need, there is a script for every business, offering robust, modern and clear real-time visibility into inventory, fulfilment and supply chain management metrics and key performance indicators.

Lot Traceability

Provides the ability to trace both backwards or forwards assembly lot items or component lot items to either the supplier or the customer.

Auto Assign UPC Code

Enables users to capture and manage universal product code (UPC) information throughout its life-cycle and provide the ability to assign UPC codes to inventory items automatically.

IT VAR Edition Services

Define a default preferred vendor on items and copy serial numbers to a related sales order.

Sales Enhancements

Extend NetSuite features to enable the sales team with unique visibility into every aspect of the customer relationship, from support cases to bills, contracts and inventory. SuiteSolutions can enable powerful and customisable real-time dashboards that sales managers and reps can use to gain better insight to sell, upsell, drive renewals.

Return Authorisation from Case

Provides the ability to generate a return authorisation and/or sales order from a customer case record.

Project from Opportunity

An advanced ability to create project record directly from an opportunity record based on preferences that are configurable.

Vendor Pre-Payments

Allows advance payments to vendors to be created, tracked and applied to vendor bills.

Sales Returns Accounting

Enables sales returns to be posted to a sales returns account.

Enhanced Validations & Defaulting

The ability to perform validations on sales and fulfilment transactions such as negative inventory, valid customer and item combinations.

Credit Card Reauthorisation

Back-orders or custom orders maintain their valid authorisation beyond the authorisation period as well as checking for valid authorisation before the order is shipped.

Shared Vendor Bills

Expenses can be shared across subsidiaries, locations or departments.

Finance and Accounting Enhancements

Enhance NetSuite’s power to drill into detailed operations with real-time access to financial data. Extend the cloud-based platform through SuiteSolutions to meet specific finance and accounting needs or compliance management.

Effective Dated Pricing

Provides the ability to maintain item pricing effective for specific dates automatically.

Consolidated Invoicing

The ability to generate a single consolidated invoice for customers that source details from multiple invoices within a given period.

Periodic Inventory

The ability to create standard journal entries to transfer the accounting impact of inventory transactions out of the inventory and COGS accounts to accounts defined by the user.

Accounts Receivable Deduction & Charge-back Management

This solution enables the creation of a credit memo for deductions claimed by the customer as well as the ability to generated invoices for charge-backs.

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Administrative Enhancements

Sales Enhancements

Inventory Enhancements

Accounting Enhancements

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