NetSuite for Consumer Electronics Retailers

Manage your retail, wholesale and eCommerce requirements a single business management platform. 

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NetSuite Retail ERP has features specifically designed for Consumer Electronics and Appliance Retailers. NetSuite provides businesses with a cloud-based system to modernise and streamline operations. As a retail industry specific solution, NetSuite provides operational intelligence and flexibility required to accelerate growth and maximise the efficiency of resources.

A pivotal, omni-channel platform designed to cater for business flexibility and scalability, NetSuite offers a customer-centric modernisation method, allowing Retailers to be more nimble in an ever changing market.

NetSuite Retail ERP provides deep functionality in the areas of POS and CRM, Retail Inventory and Warehouse Management, eCommerce, Accounting and Finacial management and more.

NetSuite | The Retail ERP Solution


Gain a 360-degree view of the entire company and minimise risk by using one complete system. Avoid costly mistakes in delivery errors and efficiently manage stock and supplier relationships to drive better margins and improve the overall procurement process.

Manage multiple entities and meet customer demands by replacing inefficient legacy POS systems to maximise potential for both your business and your customers.

A Retail ERP that works for you.


Deliver a consistent and personalised digital experience to consumers across any device.

CRM and Marketing

Get a single view of each customer across all channels, physical and digital touchpoints. With a single customer record, see your customer’s purchasing history in one central place, giving you customer insights.

Order Management

Allow shoppers to buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere and return anywhere.

Business Intelligence

Make smarter, faster strategic decisions across all channels with real-time business intelligence.

Inventory and Supplier Management

Efficiently manage stock and supplier relationships to drive better margins and improve your overall procurement process.


Get a comprehensive view of your financial activities with a powerful integrated financial management system for retailers.

NetSuite Modules for Retailers

Working with the core NetSuite platform to provide Financial, CRM, Marketing and Purchasing, some of the specific NetSuite modules Retail clients benefit from include:

Download the NetSuite for Consumer Electronics Retailers

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SuiteCommerce In-store

Equip your sales assistants with the tools they need to be able to deliver a personal and seamless shopping experience, tailored to each customer’s needs and preferences.

SuiteCommerce Advanced

SuiteCommerce Advanced is an engaging webstore optimised for tablets and smartphones, that enhances the customer shopping experience in the store.


There are a number of Point of Sale solutions that we can provide as part of a complete NetSuite solution enabling retailers to streamline and accelerate the transaction process, while also delivering a better customer experience.

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1. Managing Multi Subsidiaries with NetSuite Oneworld.

2. Managing inter-company consolidations and eliminations.

3. Transcending global currency barriers with integrated live FX exchange information.


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