Maintenance Field Service Management Software with NetSuite ERP

NetSuite + NextService helps maintenance management businesses boost performance with total control of scheduling, dispatching, inventory management and more. A single technology platform that provides full ERP capabilities and smart property and infrastructure maintenance business functionality. Run your field services projects more efficiently in a single platform without paper.  

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NetSuite + NextService: A modern, cloud-based ERP system with native on-platform field maintenance software for maintenance management businesses

Being a single platform ERP and field maintenance solution, NetSuite and NextService enables you to increase property and infrastructure maintenance efficiency and gain competitive advantages in your job management and scheduling.

Streamline administration tasks and your unneeded manual paper-based processes can be eliminated through automation with NetSuite ERP and NextService field management software for maintenance businesses.

Your maintenance services business will take advantage of a mobile-friendly NetSuite solution that provides comprehensive access to customer, site and asset information / service history.

  • Manage costs by efficiently allocating the right tasks to the right staff members through the NextService scheduler.
  • Monitor inventory more effectively using NetSuite’s proven inventory management functionality and the NextService mobile app with built-in barcode scanner.
  • Boost operations and complete more jobs by leveraging real-time utilization reporting and technician geo-locations based on their mobile devices and proximity to incoming or upcoming maintenance jobs.
  • Get in-depth reporting and analysis of your maintenance business based on real-time data. Clearly indentify areas for development with live data coming directly from our service and maintenance software.
  • Prevent problems before they happen by tracking service history with NextService’s asset management feature and ultilizing maintenance schedules which follow definable criteria outlined in your own service contracts.
  • Improve process efficiencies and increase the efficiency and compliance of your maintenance staff by automating workflows on the NextService mobile app.
  • Provide the complete service history of an asset or location to the maintenance officer’s mobile device for efficient job completion, customer satisfaction and increased recurring revenue.
Oracle NetSuite Award 2020

NetSuite + NextService field service management software for dispatching and scheduling your property and infrastructure maintenance in the field

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Maintenance field service
Infracore case study - NetSuite for field service

InfraCore – case study

Find out how a New Zealand contracting company who maintains and constructs public infrastructure, connected all its data, financials, scheduling, cases, service history – from anywhere, in real time.

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NetSuite Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for field service organisations

This guide contains everything you need to know about NetSuite for field service businesses, from available modules and industry solutions through to pricing and technology platform. Download now to start your journey to the world’s leading Cloud ERP.

NetSuite ERP for your maintenance management business

Klugo, a leading NetSuite solution provider in Australia, implements NetSuite + NextService and caters to the needs of property and infrastructure maintenance businesses. Our implementation process is modular, so it can be configured to meet your exact requirements and scale as you need.

Oracle NetSuite is the leading cloud-based business technology for small to medium enterprises in Australia and globally. With more than 40,000 business using NetSuite around the globe, NetSuite has become the world’s fastest-growing business management platform.

Sales CRM - Maintenance Management System

Klugo offers NetSuite CRM, a customisable solution that can be modified to suit the needs of your maintenance management business. With NetSuite CRM, staff can access and control data about prospects, clients and vendors. A 360 degree view of contact interactions improves prospect and client engagement. Gain access to real-time data with NetSuite and receive automatic alerts based on data changes.

The complete sales cycle can be captured, viewed and monitored by all members of the sales team to ensure clarity on timeline and likelihood. Email data can be sent via NetSuite and returns are captured automatically against the lead, prospect, opportunity or customer record.

Issues or maintenance requests can be raised as cases, seamlessly assigned, actioned and rectified within the one solution.

Accounting and Finances - Maintenance Field Service Software

NetSuite’s financial management software brings efficiency and enhanced visibility to all accounting functions, including accounts payable and receivable, payroll processing, and management reporting.

Automate the billing of scheduled or one off maintenance completed in the field- No waiting for job paperwork.

Take control of outstanding debtors and bills using NetSuite built in reminders and automation tools.

Record and report job/project costing throughout the project life cycle and use this information to make key business decisions and inform future maintenance contracts.

Comprehensively manage fixed assets through their entire life cycle, including purchase, build-up, depreciation and disposal.

Field Service - Maintenance Dispatch Software

Coordinating the activities of multiple maintenance teams can be challenging. NetSuite + NextService facilitates the management of all aspects of field maintenance services, including scheduling, dispatching, job completion and billing. The solution simplifies the way data is captured in the field via forms and checklists that can be accessed via the mobile app.

NextService allows maintenance staff to record inventory consumed at the click of a button on their mobile app.

Technicians operate on the same platform as office/project administration staff, meaning all data is being recorded automatically, eliminating manual repeated data entry and allowing for real-time business decisions.

Business, maintenance contract and job specific forms can be used to optimise the data collection and service report generation process.

Maintenance staff can be scheduled according to location or job proximity as well as skillsets and job requirements.

Achieve 100% compliance through built in mandatory compliance checklists.

Project Management – Project planning with our maintenance service software

Improve communication between project team members with NetSuite and the ProScope project management solution. These cloud-based solutions can be accessed remotely or at the office. As a result, companies get improved project completion records and increased customer satisfaction.

NetSuite’s project management module allows users to:

  • Manage retentions
  • Complete estimations
  • Plan resource consumption
  • Perform advanced job costing
  • Report on project profitability
  • Process billing
Dashboard and Reporting for Maintenance Management software - Maintenance system

NetSuite + NextService provide maintenance management businesses the ability to control their entire company on a single platform, with real-time performance reporting across all departments.

  • Tailor reporting to the unique needs of your maintenance services business
  • Analyse operational and financial performance reporting to recognise areas of development
  • Reduce business risks by managing information in real time
  • Gain a better understanding of maintenance staff job performance and progress through real-time updates and KPIs
  • Get roles and dashboards designed specifically for maintenance staff and maintenance managers to help your business improve productivity as well as customer service and customer retention.
Inventory, supply chain and MRP - Maintenance Work Order Software

NetSuite has a range of solutions available to handle inventory, supply chain and MRP.

Property and infrastructure maintenance businesses can manage all procurement processes, establish demand or supply plans for work orders or coordinate manufacturing processes.

NetSuite and NextService allows for comprehensive inventory tracking in multiple locations, including van or maintenance staff vehicles for total visibility of stock levels and consumption. 

Workflow and Automation

For maintenance management companies, task repetition and poor task allocation can waste many hours per day. NetSuite on-platform workflow automation assists in the management of resources and approvals so teams can work more efficiently and concentrate on profit‑generating activities. NetSuite workflows can also be customised in order to align to specific business needs.

  • Automatic reminders for follow up tasks, maintenance jobs completed but not billed, maintenance reports not sent, etc.
  • Trigger billing upon Maintenace/job completion
  • Empower the new business and existing customer sales teams with the tools to automate the management of multiple deals, outstanding or upcoming contract renewals and quotes requiring follow up.

Our maintenance scheduling software and ERP are one-platform solution designed for civil and environmental services such as:

Lawn services, parks maintenance, turf services

lawn services - field services

 Environmental services, roadside work, civil services

roadside mowing - field service

Commercial landscaping, irrigation, weed control

commercial landscaping - field service

Vegetation management, tree services

vegetation management - field service

Benefits of having NetSuite + NextService field service software in your company  

  • Increase utilisation up to 25% whilereducing administration costs   
  • Improve information management by eliminating paper-based processes and double data entry  
  • Manage inventory effectively  
  • Total asset visibility and improved operations  
  • Grow your business with accurate and timely industry specific reports and KPIs   
  • Make better decisions with real-time data transparency
Oracle Netsuite Buyers Guide

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Learn more about how NetSuite + NextService help businesses to take control of their systems, streamline their operations and automate their workflows from the field to the back office.