Field Service for the Food & Beverage Industry suppliers incorporating NetSuite ERP

Manage your entire business sales &equipment distribution and full field service for your food and beverage customers with NextService field service software and NetSuite ERP.

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NetSuite + NextService: A complete business solution addressing the financial and operational requirements of your food and beverage equipment distribution business

Food and beverage equipment suppliers can efficiently distribute goods and provide services to customers with the help of NextService, a field service software and NetSuite ERP.

  • Manage and overview easily job status and staff task allocation with our food and beverage industry solution. Allocate the closest technician to the job in real-time.
  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by giving an excellent customer service.
  • Provide site’s historical information to technicians so they can efficiently address issues and complete tasks on their first visit.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance of food and beverage equipment and automate future visits to reduce downtime.
  • Make sure staff can follow processes and roadmaps with checklists and automated workflows from the mobile app of our software system designed for food and beverage distribution businesses.
  • Execute in-depth analysis on service history of food and beverage equipment.
  • Deliver more jobs with the same amount of personnel by scheduling staff on the right time and location.
Oracle NetSuite Award 2020

NetSuite + NextService scheduling software for dispatching and scheduling your jobs for your customers in the food and beverage industries

Looking for software for your food and beverage equipment distribution business? Find out more about NetSuite ERP and NextService

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Australia Beverage Corporation - case study

Australian Beverage Corporation – case study

Find out how Australian Beverage Corporation, a leading distributor of several global coffee equipment brands, increase revenue, improve customer service and eliminate paper from their field operations.

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NetSuite Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for field service organisations

This guide contains everything you need to know about NetSuite for field service businesses, from available modules and industry solutions through to pricing and technology platform. Download now to start your journey to the world’s leading Cloud ERP.

NetSuite ERP for your food and beverage equipment distribution business

NetSuite +NextService provides many modules that can be personalised fast to suit the needs for the food and beverage industry. Our expertise and experience with NetSuite allow us to go live as fast as 100 days. We can assist you to scale your software solution gradually as your business grow.

Sales CRM - software for equipment suppliers to the food and beverage distribution industry

Today’s successful companies adapt to their customer’s needs. Where possible, they have replaced manual processes with automated ones to improve responsiveness. NetSuite CRM offers delivers powerful capabilities such as:

  • Sales force automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer service and support
  • Sales performance management
  • Order management
Accounting and Finances - Field Service Software

With NetSuite Advanced Financials, finance departments can further automate billing processes and eliminate the manual work typically associated with billing customers. It enables the creation of highly customised billing schedules and templates and automates the creation of invoices based on different types of orders. It even provides milestone billing schedules that ensure work is billed as it is completed according to a service contract. Also, perform advanced allocations using statistical accounts.

  • Supports management of multiple budgets.
  • Enables monitoring of budget versus actual in real-time.
  • Allocate expenses by GL account, class, department and location.
  • Link amortisation schedules to bills, bill credits, jobs and more.
  • Statistical accounts to store non-financial measures and data.
Field Service

NextService, our field service software, integrates with NetSuite inventory management to provide end-to-end tracking of inventory locations and consumption. It is a single solution to manage every aspect of data capture, whether in the office or completing jobs and work in the field. And whether you have assigned a job to one of your team members, or a subcontractor, NextService provides streamlined data entry.

Project Management – Project planning

Boost your services and manage more effectively with integrated project management. With NetSuite project management tool, you can track and report projects, automatically create tasks when services are sold and track percent complete.

  • Gain a better understanding of the costs of services and get an accurate view of development and project profitability.
  • Have 360 degrees view of your operations and keep everything under control.
Dashboard and Reporting - field service software for food and beverage equipment distribution businesses

Have access to dashboards and get live access to data, make smart decisions and streamline processes. Klugo offer a range of dashboards and roles for the field service industry. You can assign roles to users for a more tailored experience.

Any business user can create meaningful reports with easy-to-use tools, monitor the latest results as part of everyday activities, identify root causes of problems and take corrective action. NetSuite delivers real-time information with:

  • Personalised dashboards to monitor the KPIs important to any role, from the executive to staff.
  • Pre-built accounting reports and an easy to-use report builder for customizing ad-hoc reports.
  • Consolidated financial reporting for multiple subsidiaries and currencies.
  • Access to information on-the-go with a mobile device.
Inventory, supply chain and MRP - Maintenance Work Order Software

Whether you order materials for projects, or manufacture yourself, NetSuite is able to support your team to more effectively manage the supply requirements for your business. Track delivery times of goods from different vendors, so you can provide purchase order suggestions in line with the date they will be required on site.

  • MRP and shop floor
  • Warehouse management
  • Materials forecasting
  • Supply planning
Workflow and Automation

Reduce the need to execute repetitive manual tasks with NetSuite’s automation tools. Your food and beverage business can specify approvals and rules via workflows and digitise all procedures across all transaction types via roadmaps.

Your business can control tasks and jobs with reminders as well as display alerts to access transactions that require immediate attention.

Benefits of having NetSuite + NextService field service software in your company  

  • Increase utilisation up to 25% whilereducing administration costs   
  • Improve information management by eliminating paper-based processes and double data entry  
  • Manage inventory effectively  
  • Total asset visibility and improved operations  
  • Grow your business with accurate and timely industry specific reports and KPIs   
  • Make better decisions with real-time data transparency
Oracle Netsuite Buyers Guide

Download the NetSuite buyers guide for distributors and businesses with field operations

Learn more about how NetSuite + NextService help businesses to take control of their systems, streamline their operations and automate their workflows from the field to the back office.