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NetSuite for Job Shop Manufacturing - Working with Manufacturers since 1949

NetSuite provides Australian Job Shop Manufacturers with a complete management solution to drive businesses to be competitive and nimble. Empower your production floor with a comprehensive production planning and inventory management system, know the status of each job and pre-empt material requirements prior to production commencement.

NetSuite’s software suite is the best choice for manufacturers seeking one complete business solution. Its comprehensive functionality enhances manufacturing operations, with automated and monitored factory floors, supply chains, inventories, production, shipping, quality control and customer relationship management (CRM).

The ERP Solution for Job Shop Manufacturers

Job shop manufacturing is one of the most complex and challenging of all industry sectors. The breadth and diversity of business operations mean that manufacturers need one complete business platform to manage their shop floor production. NetSuite encompasses every aspect of the business, from quoting, production and dispatch to back office administration.

Job shop manufacturers gain from streamlined business processes from quoting through to the customer receiving their goods in time, meeting customer requirements and ensuring repeat business. A single system for demand planning, financials and CRM enables job shop manufacturers to continue and expand on a customer centric operation and action insights gained through real-time visibility of the business.

NetSuite Features for Job Shop Manufacturers


Deliver quality product design and manage Bill of Materials (BOM).

Sales and Marketing

Implement campaigns, manage opportunities, and expedite estimating and quoting.

Orders and Shipping

Closely manage orders and match inventories and production; goods are efficiently packaged and shipped.

Supply Chain Management

Collaborate with suppliers and purchasing, and simplify distribution resource plan. Automate workflows seamlessly across networks.

Production Control

Streamline production environments by automatically creating work orders from sales orders in make-to-order environments and increase product quality.

Service and Support

Improve customer service with streamlined case management, warranty returns and self-service.

Financial Management

Improve your accounting and finance with real-time intercompany account, costing and payment management.


Enable implementation of B2B and B2C portals that streamline order placement and improve customer satisfaction.

NetSuite Manufacturing Modules

Working with the core NetSuite platform to provide Financial, CRM, Marketing and Purchasing for Manufacturers, some of the specific NetSuite manufacturing modules our clients benefit from include:

Advanced Manufacturing Solution

NetSuite’s Advanced Manufacturing Solution is unique to the Manufacturing industry, offering a complete business platform that caters to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) engineering, scheduling jobs, capacity planning, and machine automation.

Work Orders and Assemblies

With the ability to calculate costs and compile material lists, NetSuite ensures manufacturers can plan the build process for production. With NetSuite’s Work Orders and Assemblies Management modules, actively replenish inventory, manage component quantities, and multi-level assemblies to ensure you build one level at a time.

WIP and Routing

Establish realistic volume, costs and performance targets with NetSuite WIP & Routing. Manufacturers with high volume work orders can benefit from the ability to track these instances.

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