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MRP, ERP or BMP? Manufacturing Technology for 2019.

It’s a relatively unknown fact that the Manufacturing Industry pioneered MRP and ERP technology, long before other industries caught up. In the 1960’s, two leading manufacturers, Black and Decker and Toyota were the first major manufacturing companies to make a...

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GABS Beer, Cider and Food Festival Highlights 2018

The Best of GABS 2018GABS 2018 was held in Melbourne on 18-20th May and our Marketing team couldn't resist the opportunity to check it out, do a little industry research, and of course support our Aussie craft brewers. It's safe to say that the beer, cider...

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Top Three Cashflow Tips for Craft Breweries

If there is one business goal that a growing craft brewery needs to focus on, it's this: don't run out of cash.In recent years, the craft brewery industry has seen increased demand and competition. More microbreweries are entering the market, with even more regional...

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Software for Small Breweries: Myths Busted

We've compiled a few misconceptions we often hear when it comes to Crafted ERP brewing software and just some of the reasons explaining why it's suitable for breweries of all sizes.Myth: "Our brewery is too small to need a brewing software...

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Bringing you the all new #ThirstyThursdays

Introducing #ThirstyThursdays: half an hour webinar each month where you can kick back with a beer while talking about how to gain a competitive edge in the craft beer industry. Learn from our in-house experts about the ins and outs of our brewing...

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Meet the Makers of Crafted ERP

Why Brewing Software is in DemandBrewers are facing increasing pressures on margins, high customer demand - and there's a great deal of competition around. With so many aspects of the business to manage, using one centralised system helps to cater for...

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MiniFAB Gain Business Transparency with NetSuite

 As a business that has seen significant growth, MiniFAB have moved to underpin their future growth by implementing a cloud-based, integrated, advanced manufacturing solution, NetSuite. Established in 2002, MiniFAB is a privately-held contract...

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Transform your Manufacturing Business

A one system solution for end-to-end process automation Whether it's technology you need to transform your manufacturing processes or software to automate your office through to shop floor, Klugo and Headland Machinery can help you streamline your manufacturing...

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Business KPIs for Manufacturing Companies Using NetSuite

SL Associates surveyed a number of manufacturing customers who have implemented NetSuite. They identified which KPIs these manufacturing companies track as well as the improvements they’ve realised by basing their core operations on NetSuite’s multifaceted...

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NetSuite eCommerce: To Suite or Not to Suite?

 When is a Suite not a Suite?Nowadays, software has been developed in a way that enables you to buy it as a whole or as individual modules. NetSuite enables businesses to do just that – buy as an end-to-end solution or simply a piece at a time....

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Lean Manufacturing

 Success starts with visibility and alignmentLean manufacturing has been around over the past 50 years. It's a concept that refers to cutting costs and increasing productivity in a manufacturing business. Aberdeen Research surveyed 100...

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How Cloud Computing can Reduce Supply Chain Risks

  Driving Uptake  in the Manufacturing and Logistics SectorsManufacturers are investing in cloud-technology to reduce supply chain risks. Businesses in the Asia Pacific region have experienced hardship over the last decade with numerous...

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ERP in Industrial Manufacturing: Rise of Machinery

  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are improving the way manufacturers facilitate their business operations.This study looks at top performing organisations and how they utilise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to "improve and...

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