Manufactured goods with ERP

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Make to stock (MTS) and Make to Order (MTO) requires integrated demand planning, supply chain management and production control to ensure the manufacturing of quality goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

Managing the operating performance of your production floor to meet customer demand while maintaining optimal materials and stock levels is the key to improving production gross margins and ensuring happy customers.

Product Features

NetSuite’s ERP Cloud software is a centralised platform that provides Australian manufacturers with a holistic business solution that delivers a competitive advantage on the floor allowing businesses to react swiftly to opportunities and challenges.

Following are a number of benefits from using NetSuite for manufactured goods.

CRM and order management

Book sales demand, forecast revenue and track and report production status. Make available to promise (ATP) commitments that utilise inbound supply and estimated production end date planning.

See customer transactions, engagement history and open orders in one place. Confidently commit to orders knowing that transactions update demand plans in real-time.

Key benefits

  • Sales force automation to improve forecast integrity and sales team performance.
  • Streamlined workflows to shorten say sales outstanding.
  • Improved customer service levels which increase customer engagement.

Supply chain and procurement

Manage and monitor third party processes as part of your production schedule. Coordinate supply with demand planning and ensure and materials arrive just in time for production.

With complete visibility of demand and production plan release purchase orders to maximise volume price discounts and on an optimal delivery schedule.

Key benefits

  • Inventory status in real-time.
  • Multiple locations management.
  • Optimise inventory levels for supply and shipping.
  • Multi-level approval workflows for bulk purchasing.
  • Blanket PO’s and purchasing contracts for cost management.

Production control and quality management

Schedule, release, and monitor work orders during the production workflow. Adjust and update in real-time to optimise production schedules throughout the day. Track work in progress and record labour and machine time to cost goods and control your manufacturing process.

Define pass/fail criteria and collect results to ensure quality production runs. With inspection plans generate non-conformance reports to manage and improve production quality.

Key benefits

  • Production control which is location-specific.
  • Proactive workflows for status updates.
  • End to end real-time view of in-process work orders.
  • Batch process work order completions.
  • Integrated non-conformance reporting.
  • Reduced cost of quality.

Product management, planning and scheduling

Maintain product bill materials (BOMs) with revisions centrally to simplify planning and reporting. Ensure that obsolete components are planned out of the production schedule as part of the BOM revisions feature.

Coordinate demand and supply based on the most updated BOM definitions to reduce the cost of delayed production runs due to incorrectly ordered materials.

Key benefits

  • Propagate changes to BOMs through plans and inventories.
  • Project-controlled production incorporates custom BOMs.
  • Integrate with other CAD applications and import BOMs.
  • Backwards and forwards production scheduling.
  • Advanced sequencing using flexible coding structure.
  • Finite and infinite capacity scheduling with user-defined constraints.

Klugo supports your business to achieve operational efficiency

How to improve operational efficiency is a challenge faced by many manufacturing businesses in Australia. Implementing processes and technology are challenging tasks that become even more constrained by tight manufacturing deadlines. The availability of time-critical information can impact the productivity of employees on the floor and in the back office. Klugo help to integrate NetSuite ERP manufacturing solutions and leading processes for companies to support monitoring and automation capabilities that help their manufacturing become leaner and more profitable.

Business process automation (BPA) and business activity monitoring (BAM) can drastically improve operational efficiency in manufacturing by helping you identify and rectify potential production issues earlier and more efficiently before they develop into critical bottlenecks.

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