RG – Do you want a complete insight into your customers? Want a 360 degree view of your customers?

Redefine your relationships with customers with NetSuite CRM. The simplest way to create the best customer service culture possible.

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3 simple features of NetSuite CRM that will revolutionise the way you approach the customer life cycle

track information about clients

360 degree customer visibility

See the complete customer picture to better understand how you can help them.

automate marketing and communications

Real-time dashboards

View data immediately and make decisions based on customised information.

manage contact details

Intelligent sales forecasting

Get analytical about sales forecasting and turn more opportunities into sales.

What is NetSuite CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a cloud-based solution that automates and coordinates marketing, sales, and operations workflow. A central customisable business systems platform allows organisations to coordinate opportunities, quotes, sales, work orders, fulfillment, dispatch, field service teams, and customer service activities.

Put simply, it’s one platform that coordinates every step of the customer lifecycle.


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What are the benefits of using a CRM like Netsuite?

The benefits of using a CRM system include accurate sales forecasting, increased revenue, improved customer engagement and optimised field/customer service operations. Improved automations and performance management frees the customer service team to maximise opportunities and deepen customer engagement.

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A positive customer experience is achieved when a business truly understands their customers needs. Visibility over the customer journey and lifecycle is the key to achieving this.

NetSuite + NextService CRM modules

Marketing automation - NetSuite

With NetSuite marketing automation say goodbye to manual marketing campaigns..

When you automate your campaigns, your relationships with partners, suppliers, clients and prospective customers will benefit from consistent, accurate and timely campaigns that generate regular leads and sales.

Business impacts
Increase leads and sales conversions and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

Quoting and estimating - NetSuite

Estimating and quoting on projects and jobs can be challenging.

With the NetSuite CRM system it’s a streamlined process.

When all your inventory, project and resource information is in the same system you have a single source of truth to work from.

Business impacts

Increase sales, reduce cost associated with generating quotes and fulfil customer demand faster.

Opportunity and tender management - NetSuite

Your documentation is all in one place and your streamlined process makes managing it easier.

Staff can log all new opportunities and manage pre-sales with increased visibility and greater functionality.

The NetSuite Opportunity Management function makes it easy.

Business impacts

Accurate sales pipeline forecasting leads to improved inventory and capacity demand planning.

Task management - NetSuite

NetSuite CRM manages sales and service team activities.

Projects, work orders, jobs, time sheets, tasks, calls, meetings and notes are recorded in the Customer Relationship module to ensure business activity is transparent and coordinated.

Business impacts

Improved operational performance and efficiencies lead to increased customer service levels.

A positive customer experience is achieved when a business truly understands their customers needs. Visibility over the customer journey and lifecycle is the key to achieving this.

2 MORE features of NetSuite CRM that will revolutionise the way you approach the customer life cycle

track information about clients

Make better decisions with smarter reporting

Access and compare simultaneous real-time reports that are customised to your business needs. KPI management and improvement has never been easier.

automate marketing and communications

Automate more & focus on high value tasks

From email automation, workflow alerts, reminders, activity dashboards and more. Netsuite CRM takes tasks out of your hands and manages them on your behalf.

How will Netsuite CRM impact your business?

It’s time to build your business around your customers. When you can focus on their needs and truly foster a powerful relationship, you will be rewarded with greater customer loyalty.

  • Create automated processes to free up time to manage your business. Sales force automation allows you to automate all your sales processes, from managing opportunities to quoting, ordering, forecasting and closing. Marketing automation enables you to automate email campaigns, analytics, lead reporting and form creation. You can also automate aspects of customer support and knowledge management.
  • Generate real-time pipeline reporting through mobile devices. This enables field service technicians and office staff to manage processes and tasks with greater transparency. Working in real time also means customer expectations are managed better on site, and up-selling and cross-selling are more focused and efficient.
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field service CRM
field service management crm
  • Empower your team with accurate information by providing current, streamlined data for decision-making and communication. With automated processes and real-time reporting there are fewer errors and more accurate data and information. This builds a confident team and customer trust.
  • One business platform reduces user training, ensures reporting accuracy, creates efficient work practices and reduces the total cost of system ownership by eliminating costly error integration projects.
  • Implementing the right software for your business means you generate a faster return on investment (ROI). Our customers have increased revenue and reduced expenses from day one when using our Customer Relationship Management software.
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