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Oracle NetSuite ERP is the world’s leading cloud based Business Management Platform. 40,000 businesses worldwide use NetSuite ERP to manage their entire field service operations in real-time. Put simply, this is the best solution you can find.

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3 ways NetSuite ERP will accelerate your financial accounting process.

track information about clients

Revenue recognition

Comply with accounting standards with ease & report financial results even quicker.

automate marketing and communications

Better billing management

Integrate your sales, finance and fulfilment teams—improving accuracy & eliminating billing errors.

manage contact details

Cloud-based accounting

Real-time business insights and visibility means you can reach operational exceleence quicker

What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite ERP is a cloud based system that has everything you need to completely manage your field service operations in real time.

With end to end functionality to manage everything from marketing and sales, through to procurement warehouse management and field service operations. Oracle NetSuite provides a 360-degree view of customers, orders, picking, items and inventory and delivers real time insights into your businesses performance. 


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field service management crm

Who can NetSuite ERP help?

Short answer, from small businesses to global enterprises. NetSuite Enterprise Resource Management solutions help automate and streamline your complete company financial management.

Oracle-NetSuite is one of the world’s leading ERP vendors and provides and end-to-end solution for field service business of all sizes and has more than 40,000 active customers.

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What are some of the benefits of using NetSuite ERP?

  • A global approach to business – Streamline your mission critical business operations. Achieve more with less.
  • Exceptional business intelligence – Unify your entire organisation with with real-time insights that help make decisions.
  • An infinitely scalable solution – When you grow, so does Netsuite ERP. A system that adds functionality as you need it.


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Oracle NetSuite ERP is an end-to-end platform for growing field service companies who are wanting to simplify their software platforms into a single database technology.

3 MORE features of NetSuite ERP that will help completely manage the lifecycle of your business output

track information about clients

Targeted Production Management

Get real-time visibility into your entire production process & deliver projects  in less time with quality.

automate marketing and communications

Control your supply chain

Define, execute and support supply chain management plans from a single collaborative platform.

manage contact details

Fulfillment & procurement

End-to-end inventory managment with improved accuracy of procure-to-pay processes through automation.

Some of the NetSuite ERP features that will accelerate your growth potential

Marketing automation - NetSuite
The Core ERP module helps business owners run key back-office business processes and financial business operations in the cloud, and in real time. Streamline online accounting, inventory and supply chain management and order management.
Quoting and estimating - NetSuite
CRM delivers true customer lifecycle management. From marketing and opportunity management, to order management, customer up-sell, cross-sell, renewal, and customer service. Get real time functionality across all business operations.
Opportunity and tender management - NetSuite
Combining eCommerce, POS, supply chain and order management software, inventory, CRM and financials, SuiteCommerce empowers businesses to provide engaging and personalised online experiences on any device.
Task management - NetSuite
OneWorld is the most deployed cloud application in ERP for global businesses. Manage multiple entities, currencies, languages and more with a unified business management platform helping you to go global.

How will Netsuite ERP impact your business?

Oracle NetSuite is a business system that empowers you to streamline your processes and grow your business. Our customers are able to manage their entire field service operations in real time.

  • Create an efficient and integrated process across your entire organisation. From order management to expense approvals, when you can automate more and create organisation wide visibility, you have a system to accelerate growth potential.
  • Work better with your customers. Give them more visibility. Get notifications of partner specific events and visibility over the lifecycle of deliverables in your business. This allows you to react faster and produce more.
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field service CRM
field service management crm
  • Scaling becomes easy. Easily and quickly add new users, integrate them into existing processes. You can scale user accounts in busy periods, and reduce in quieter periods.
  • One business platform reduces user training, ensures reporting accuracy, creates efficient work practices and reduces the total cost of system ownership by eliminating costly error integration projects.
  • Implementing the right software for your business means you generate a faster return on investment (ROI). Our customers have increased revenue and reduced expenses from day one when using our Enterprise Resource Management Software.
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Other Oracle NetSuite Modules and Extensions


This module allows users to set up multiple business entities within a single database. This also allows for more advanced financial consolidation management, including multi-currency and multi country management, inter-company trading automation, financial eliminations and consolidations.

Advanced Financials

This module extends the basic accounting and financial management functionality to include multiple sales types, advanced forecasts, advanced billing schedules, advanced budgeting, expense allocation, amortisations as well as advanced financial reporting. 

Advanced Inventory

This module extends the basic inventory management functionality to include multiple units of measure, matrix items, serialised inventory, barcoding and item labelling, landed cost management, bin management, lot tracking, pick pack and ship management as well as allowing for multiple warehouse locations. 

Fixed Asset Management

The FAM module allows for the complete life-cycle management of assets purchased including asset accounting and multiple methods of depreciation. The FAM module allows users to report across their asset group, eliminate tracking externally to the system, create and customise depreciation methods, manage leases, locations and allocations. 

Demand Planning

This module allows users to use the data that exists within historical transactions as well as future forecasts to provide suggestions for purchasing based on a number of different criteria. In addition, users can calculate supply plans and automatically generate purchase orders for approval and work orders for assignment. 

SuiteCommerce Advanced

This module provides the opportunity to use the platform as your website CMS and manage all aspects of shopping cart, inventory availability, promotions management, suggested up-sell and cross sell and more. Allowing the integration of customer visit, and analytics data to be captured against lead records for accurate engagement reporting and lead scoring. 

Resource Allocation

Resource allocation and planning module allows users access to the resource planning scheduler. This module streamlines requests and bookings of services staff as well as allows for proactive resource utilisation planning, advanced skills searching and visual depiction of schedule clashes or over-utilisation. 

Project Management & Job Costing

This module provides users with advanced project management functionality as well as job cost accounting functionality. The Projects and Job Costing module can be used to plan, track costs associated to a specific job, budgeting at the cost code level and provide real time project profitability reporting.  

Customer and Vendor Centre

Oracle-NetSuite allows you to provide both Customers and Vendors with the ability to access a self service portal to administer their own account and details, get access to invoices, bills, payment statuses, previous payment history, make orders, view statements and more.  

Revenue Recognition

This module allows users to create revenue recognition schedules at the line item level. These schedules are fully editable and customisable and allow for advanced drill down/audit capabilities. In addition, revenue recognition can be reverse amortised for credits/refunds and alsoand integrates with advanced financials. 

Field Service Management

The NextService module, developed by our partner, Next Technik, allows you to quickly and easily schedule and dispatch jobs, track field technicians and manage assets in the field. Being a native SuiteApp, NextService provides real-time updates and data directly inside NetSuite. 

WIP and Manufacturing Routing

This module allows users to manage advanced WIP reporting for partially complete work orders, as well as complex Routing and Work Centre planning. The WIP and Routing modules provides manufacturers with a more sophisticated method of managing their shop floor, giving greater visibility into WO completions. 

Work Orders and Assemblies

This module allows user to create Assemblies with full management of multilevel sub components, assembly build and unbuild and inventory tracking of finished items and subcomponents. In addition, this allows users to create time entries against a work order for both productivity reporting as well as payroll time entry. 

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