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NetSuite Tips and How-To’s

Our Expert NetSuite Developers and Business Consultants can keep you updated with everything NetSuite. Read some of our latest tips and How-To’s that can help you improve your daily NetSuite experience.

Drilling into NetSuite Custom Fields

Custom fields in NetSuite are an essential part of every module. Custom fields are those created manually by users based on their businesses requirements. All standard or customised records can have custom fields. This is particularly useful during implementation and...

Enabling Inline Editing Feature in NetSuite

Inline Editing feature can help saving Accountant's and Sales Rep's time by allowing them to quickly update records within a saved search portal. Henry Sack, Klugo's Solutions Consultant writes the next tip to do activate inline editing in NetSuite, a feature that...

Optimising Your Forms to Streamline Your Data Entry

Forms are an essential part of the NetSuite ecosystem, NetSuite provides a standard set of forms for every record type, however users can and should be reviewing the standard fields on the form, and optimising them to ensure that they are designed for fast data entry....

RF-SMART: NetSuite Inventory Management & WMS

SuiteConnect was held in Sydney in February 2019. Henry Sack, Klugo's Solution Consultant, met with RF-SMART's team and discussed the Inventory Management tools available with their mobile solution built for NetSuite. Whether you are a company that is already on the...

Adding RSS Feeds to NetSuite Dashboards

We often sit at work with two or more screens open, one for business operations and the other to track other important information like daily news or our company's Facebook or Twitter account. RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds enable NetSuite users to free up that extra...

Adding a Timeline to the Customer Dashboard

Many users are aware that the customer record, like other entity records, have a dashboard view. What users don't take advantage of is adding the Timeline portlet that outlines the interaction between the entities.Personalise your Customer Dashboard 1. Switch to the...

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Winner of YOURsuite Award

Our Technical Development team developed award-winning NextService, Field Management Software, Built for NetSuite.

Developed within the cloud-based architecture of NetSuite. NextService is internationally recognised as the 2013 winner of NetSuite’s YOURsuite award for Best Internal Development, NextService was selected from more than 12,000 organisations and subsidiaries that implement NetSuite.

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I help progressive organisations in Wholesale, Manufacturing and Field Service industries improve their technology and challenge the "status quo".

Michael Dean

Business Consultant, Klugo Group

Primarily, my goal is to help clients achieve their personal and business goals faster and easier than they ever imagined. Ask me about NetSuite's Suite Success.

Kresant Mahilall

Business Consultant, Klugo Group

I'm driven to understand how companies do business and helping their managers to leverage Netsuite to manage their growth.

Henry Sack

Solutions Consultant, Klugo Group

NetSuite is a constantly evolving platform, my mission is to help the users to meet their business goals through the effective use this powerful ERP technology.

Will Goodbourn

Customer Success Manager, Klugo Group

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