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Ten Commandments of Omni-Channel Retailing

An omni-channel strategy must include various touchpoints, a shared inventory and marketing that targets multiple channels. In today’s digital world, consumers shop in mobile devices, computers, smart TVs, stores and social media. Medium-sized retailers can pioneer in the omni-channel world if they focus on getting a single cloud-based platform to build a 360° experience and avoid a lengthy, costly and loose integration of legacy systems. NetSuite and Klugo put their experience with +3,000 retailers to write the ten commandments for a true omni-channel retail.

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52% Wholesale Distributors Moving to Cloud ERP. Are You?

52% of wholesale distribution businesses in Australia are migrating to fully integrated and centralised cloud-based ERP software solutions. They can manage everything from financials and accounting to warehouse management, supply chain, inventory and demand planning to sales and marketing. With this technology their business is run from one single solution, accessible everywhere in real time.

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From Xero to NetSuite in 45 Days.

Products like MYOB and Xero provide outstanding accounting functionality. However, as businesses grow and prepare for the future, they find that the complexity of managing their distribution operations increases, and the limits of these entry-level software packages...

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New Tools of the Trade Needed for Retailers

Key players in the HVAC industry are those who service commercial and industrial markets, as identified by IBISWorld. However, it’s a competitive sector that, like any industry, poses problems and challenges for businesses to overcome and remain competitive.

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The Secret to Superior Inventory Management

Seize Distribution OpportunitiesThe downfall of wholesale distribution has been highly exaggerated in recent years. Yes, manufacturers have more opportunities nowadays to sell directly to consumers, but there are two main reasons why distributors are...

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Solar Boom Drives The Need For New Technology

Aussie Solar Energy Boom Predicted for 2018We're in the midst of a solar energy boom. Analysts say that a record number of solar panels were installed in Australia in 2017 - a total of 9,500 panels installed across the country daily. The sunshine state is...

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GABS Beer, Cider and Food Festival Highlights 2018

The Best of GABS 2018GABS 2018 was held in Melbourne on 18-20th May and our Marketing team couldn't resist the opportunity to check it out, do a little industry research, and of course support our Aussie craft brewers. It's safe to say that the beer, cider...

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How Smart Equipment Hire Businesses Stay Successful

There are several advantages to running a business that rents out equipment rather than selling it. There's room for financial gain, growth, and continued customer relations - but it all comes down to how you go about it. We've identified four key factors...

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Top Three Cashflow Tips for Craft Breweries

If there is one business goal that a growing craft brewery needs to focus on, it's this: don't run out of cash. In recent years, the craft brewery industry has seen increased demand and competition. More microbreweries are entering the market, with even more regional...

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Software for Small Breweries: Myths Busted

  We've compiled a few misconceptions we often hear when it comes to Crafted ERP brewing software and just some of the reasons explaining why it's suitable for breweries of all sizes.Myth: "Our brewery is too small to need a brewing software...

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HVAC Businesses are Ditching Paper and Going Digital 

  It's no secret that new technology in the HVAC industry is seeing more businesses make the move to a paperless workplace. Clean, green, efficient and cost-effective – what's not to like? According to Clean Up Australia, we use more than 4.2 million tonnes of paper...

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2018 HVAC Industry Trends

  Integration, automation and smart technologies are all trends expected to shape the HVAC industry in 2018, and competition is increasing inline with the growth of residential and commercial construction across Australia. Successful companies in the industry are...

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Trust | The Essence of a Successful Locksmith Business

  Locksmiths are freely granted access to our homes, properties, schools, shops and businesses. A good locksmith is professional, on time, well trained with the latest skills and technology. The locksmith you send to your customer is the face of your brand and the key...

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Business Process Review

  Free Business Process Review Sign up for your free technology and business process review. We’ll investigate your existing infrastructure and provide a report outlining steps you can take to step your business up. Free Business Process Review Our business process...

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Medical is the #1 IoT Growth Sector – are you Ready?

Digital disruption is seeing the use of apps in the medical industry rapidly increase. Healthcare is becoming more customer centric - and with medical device companies like Koch Disruptive Technologies entering the market, the gap between lower quality commodity...

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The Future of HVAC is in the Cloud

Global brands like Haier are starting to make waves in the Australian HVAC market. Bigger companies entering the building services market will widen the gap between lower quality commodity service and true experts. The HVAC industry is a long-established industry....

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How Aussie Retailers are Surviving the Arrival of Amazon

The Amazon Effect Amazon, the American retail giant, is the largest online retail business in the world. Its last reported annual revenue was $135.99 billion USD - twice the combined revenue of its nearest competitors;, Alibaba and eBay. While it isn’t a total...

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Bringing you the all new #ThirstyThursdays

Introducing #ThirstyThursdays: half an hour webinar each month where you can kick back with a beer while talking about how to gain a competitive edge in the craft beer industry. Learn from our in-house experts about the ins and outs of our brewing software, Crafted...

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Family Business Insider Event

FBA Insider Event Join us along with Family Business Australia (FBA) for the next Insider event, where you can learn about cloud technology, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. FBA contribute to the long term success of family business by facilitating and...

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Meet the Makers of Crafted ERP

Why Brewing Software is in Demand Brewers are facing increasing pressures on margins, high customer demand - and there's a great deal of competition around. With so many aspects of the business to manage, using one centralised system helps to cater for business...

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The Cost of Doing Nothing in Wholesale Distribution

"Making Do" - ERP for Wholesale Distribution A white paper recently released by Mint Jutras states that less than 60% of wholesale distributors are using systems to fully support critical business processes. Distributors today appear to be "making do" with disparate...

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Overcome Cyber Security Concerns with Cloud Technology

Keeping data in the cloud is becoming more and more common. Despite the benefits that come with cloud computing - reduced costs, flexibility and automation to name a few - concerns around cyber security have developed. Some companies express concerns regarding the...

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Oktoberfest: Your Must-Read Food and Beverage Feature

  All you need to know about Oktoberfest 2017 Year upon year, Tom Wagner a.k.a The Wurstman pulls out all the stops with his array of traditional German deliciousness. You can look forward to bratwurst, pretzels, schnitzels and more. How does he make the best German...

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NextService: Field Service Utopia

The Dream Your cloud-based NetSuite ERP system has been implemented so your business operations are streamlined. This was done in order to have everything running in one system; CRM, financials, payroll, inventory. It provides you with a 360° view of your entire...

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What’s New at this Year’s Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest planning is in full swing and this year, in addition to all your usual favourites we have some new, exciting activities happening. This year we have a fantastic door prize, a $500 gift card, courtesy of Corporate Traveller.  To enter, simply...

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Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest 2017 As our sister company Headland has strong German roots,  Oktoberfest is almost as big a celebration as Christmas! So join us, as we come together to celebrate our customers, partners and suppliers in our 7th annual Oktoberfest celebrations! As usual,...

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Introducing our Oktoberfest 2017 Sponsors..

  As Oktoberfest plans are in full swing, we wanted to say a big thank you to the companies who are making this years celebrations possible. BOC BOC is a Member of The Linde Group which supplies compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment around the globe. The...

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Klugo Group Form Strategic Partnership with GK Horizons

  Klugo Group, one of the largest 100% NetSuite Solution Providers in APAC, have announced an exciting partnership with GK Horizons, a multi-award winning consulting firm and current Global Partner of the Year for Adaptive Insights. Adaptive Insights is the leader in...

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Industry 4.0 Cheat Sheet

Industry 4.0 Cheat Sheet – As a result of huge developments in the modern world, manufacturing is changing. Here we explain key terms; Industry 4.0, Cloud Computing, Smart Factory, Internet of Things (IoT). With the use of computers, automation and cloud technology,...

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Klugo Group Talks NetSuite ERP Success

'Klugo Group Talks NetSuite ERP Success' was written by Sholto Macpherson and published on CRN.  Annaliese Kloé’s journey to NetSuite ERP success started in the most unlikely of places: on a warehouse floor surrounded by CNC tooling and metal fabrication equipment....

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