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We’ve compiled a few misconceptions we often hear when it comes to Crafted ERP brewing software and just some of the reasons explaining why it’s suitable for breweries of all sizes.

Myth: “Our brewery is too small to need a brewing software system”

Fact: Crafted ERP was built by seasoned industry veterans to meet the requirements of craft breweries both large and small. It provides one user-friendly, seamless solution that comprehensively manages every job function within the beer manufacturing process.

Myth: “Crafted ERP is a better fit for bigger breweries”

Fact: Business problems faced by breweries will be similar no matter your size. Efficiency and transparency are crucial for any brewery to grow, and with the right technology in place, your business can thrive. Using Crafted ERP software for small breweries, businesses have a 360 degree view of the organisation, with real-time dashboard driven intelligence.

Myth: “Crafted ERP is too complex for what our brewery needs”

Fact: While the idea of a one-system solution can seem complex or intimidating to begin with, the reality is that you’ll already be managing every process that Crafted manages – they’ll just be looked after in multiple systems instead of one. Bookkeeping software and spreadsheets can create the illusion of simplicity, however, when it comes to consolidating all information and connecting the dots, a single solution is much easier to manage. Crafted ERP helps brewers simplify their entire business. Using one complete system means that you can make better informed business decisions and streamline mission critical processes, whic allows you to gain full visibility, scale and future-proof your business.

Myth: “It’s too expensive”

Fact: Ultimately, you get what you pay for. Cheaper alternatives can seem more appealing, but there’s always a reason why. Most brewery software systems on the market are simple web apps with an inventory database, which is not an all-in-one system. While these alternatives may provide a short term solution, they won’t solve any long-term challenges because you’ll still be having the same struggle using multiple systems to run your business.

Does Crafted ERP sound like what your brewery needs?

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