The SuiteSuccess Starter Edition, which was released earlier in 2018 to the Australian market is turning heads in the small business world.

For companies who feel they are hitting the limits of what small business accounting software can do to support their growth, SuiteSuccess Starter Edition provides customers with a single platform to manage their entire growing small business including:

Sales, CRM and Marketing Automation

Accounting and Financial Management

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Customer and Vendor Portal

Feature #1.
50+ Automated Reminders and Workflow for Small Business Owners

NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition comes out of the box with over 50 business reminders to help you stop looking for problems and start managing your business proactively by exception.

NetSuite Reminders are configurable for each user, to only show them the information that is relevant to their role and responsibility.

These reminders are not only tasks that you set for both yourself and other users, they are also driven by activity in the system, and are configurable to suit your needs.

Need to know how many customers you have, with an outstanding balance of more than $2000 and 30 days? With NetSuite’s powerful reminders, you alerted immediately whenever a customer meets these criteria. With the system constantly watching for things that matter to you, you can spend less time reviewing reports, and more time actioning tasks.

Feature #2.
50+ Prebuilt Business Performance Indicators.

With SuiteSuccess Starter Edition you can see live, in real time how your business is performing, and quickly compare that to previous periods. With NetSuite KPI’s Portlet, critical business performance information will be front and centre, giving you the opportunity to make quick decisions on solid information.

Each day, as you continue to use the system, you will be able to see in real time, revenues, COGS, Net Profit, Margin Trends and more.

Feature #3.
Real Time Dashboards.

Because NetSuite is a single system to manage your entire business, you will be able to configure your dashboards to present you the information that is most important to you. In a single glance small business owners can see exactly how they are performing across marketing, sales and quote management, accounting, finance and cashflow as well as operational intelligence based on unique attributes of your business.

Feature #4.
Drag and Drop Customisation

Customers can not only enjoy the functionality of the world’s leading cloud business management platform, as well as 3000 hours of industry leading practices that are built into the system from day one, but they can also customise NetSuite with fields, forms and tables with a unique set of inbuilt tools.

If you need to capture additional information about an item, a customer, a supplier or anything else in the system, end users can easily add additional fields to NetSuite. More importantly, they can then report on these fields which makes NetSuite one of the most powerful Business management platforms available to small businesses.

Feature #5.
Rapid Implementation and Go Live

In years gone by, small businesses were often precluded from solutions such as NetSuite, as both the license fees and implementation effort required to get them up and running was beyond the capacity of a small business.

Now, with SuiteSuccess Starter, Australian small businesses can be live in as little as 45 days with a system that will continue to grow and change with their businesses, which is a big threat to competitors like Xero and MYOB who are only offering a small piece of the puzzle. For businesses who are wanting to upgrade their systems, but are worried about the time and expense associated with an ERP rollout, NetSuite provides the perfect mix of standardisation and configurability.

Download our complete NetSuite Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

All you need to know about NetSuite installation, modules, pricing, technology and configurations available for the leading Cloud-Based ERP for Small Businesses.

Where to from here?

Smart businesses owners understand that having one system, across their entire business means they spend less time and money on IT infrastructure, have better visibility into business performance across all departments, and can empower their employees to be more efficient and effective in their roles.

In addition, the leading practices that are built into NetSuite SuiteSuccess Editions means that small businesses whom might not have solid processes built into their operations are able to quickly move a way of operating that has been tried and tested by thousands of businesses across the world.

Need a specialist’s free advice?

If you are interested in learning more about how Klugo is helping our small business customers revolutionise their IT and Software strategies with the world’s leading cloud business management platform, then please reach out to one of our NetSuite experts.

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