In our recent blog titled “The 7 words holding your Wholesale Distribution business back” discussed the reasons why businesses choose to stick to their existing methods of running their business. What they don’t understand is that those processes from 20 years ago are doing their business harm.

Here are our suggestions for growing your business and moving past those 7 words that are holding your wholesale distribution business back.

Review current business Situation

  • Are there market expansion opportunities, can you export?

  • Are there product innovations?

  • What are the growth markets?

  • Are there business advisors or change management experts that can help you structure/drive change within your business?


  • Review existing technology and systems – are there more automated ways of doing things. Or how can technology be the enabler to your new ideas and ensure you don’t need new staff and resources to implement.

  • Review new machinery to run your warehouse more efficiently.

  • Review new ERP/CRM systems to run your business more efficiently and streamlined.

Change the attitude towards innovation within your company

  • What steps can you put in place to foster innovation within the company?

  • What forum can be provided to ensure new ideas are heard and shared from every level within the company?

  • What experts can you enlist to help drive greater clarity within your business?

  • So you have recognised the need to innovate, how do you do it, what do you do now?

If you  would like to hear how Headland Machinery, a wholesale distributor is continually innovating, read our story.

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