NetSuite Implementation

Business Analysis and Implementation

NetSuite Implementation involves the business analysis and implementation stage of the project.

Business Analysis

The business challenges identified during the sales process and business analysis phase forms the foundation for the implementation phase. While challenges are often common throughout industries,  unique business challenges are identified early to ensure the implementation addresses and expertly delivers on business requirements. As a leading NetSuite implementation partner, Klugo are experts at helping our customers through the implementation journey.


Klugo, a NetSuite Implementation Partner

Klugo’s interactive approach to NetSuite implementations is built around using standard NetSuite features and adapting your businesses procedures to suit. This ensures a faster implementation and adoption of tried and tested, best practice processes, into your business. These concepts are introduced during a series of workshops with key business stakeholders.

NetSuite is our Focus

With years of experience as a dedicated NetSuite implementation partner, we create industry NetSuite end-user experiences. The Klugo team drives and guides stakeholders through the NetSuite implementation.  Intimate knowledge of the NetSuite platform and experience helps maximise your return on investment and achieve the best outcomes for the business.



Overview of Our Implementation Methodology

Project Initiation

This phase sets the foundation of the implementation project, engages all stakeholders, highlights key milestones, project timelines and key project/module champions are appointed to be involved in the project aiding in managing the change.


Our experienced industry NetSuite Implementation Consultants work with our clients to map the core business requirements and advise on the best use of NetSuite. This crucial stage of the project engages the team and is a catalyst for identifying business process changes.

Consultant Build

Using sample data provided during requirements definition phase, Klugo’s experienced consulting team rapidly set up and configure the client’s instance of NetSuite.

System Confirmation

Once the system is mostly built, our clients start using the system to finalise the build, and data conversion starts to occur together with end user training.

System Go Live

After the system readiness is confirmed and signed off, we move into System Go Live where the business starts using NetSuite to run their business. As your NetSuite implementation partner, we support your business and people with onsite go-live assistance and training.

System Live Support

Changing your systems is a big step for any business so Klugo consultants are on call (or onsite) to provide hands-on support to help process transactions during the go live period.

Professional Services – Ensuring Business Success

Daniel Perry, Klugo’s Chief Operating Officer discusses how to get the best return on their ERP implementation.


“NetSuite is a product that is designed to be changed, so we believe in going live with your new system as soon as possible to ensure you start gaining a return on your investment. Once you start to see the benefits early on, then you can go on a journey to improve the use of the system which is aligned to your business outcomes and strategies.”

Daniel Perry Chief Operating Officer
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