Achieving operational excellence for wholesale distribution businesses can be challenging.

Operationally excellent distributors are using ERP to tackle disintermediation in their industries by setting up business strategies that allow them to be more effective, consistent, and react quicker to disruption.

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Understanding the flow of value to customers is the key to achieving operational excellence

Being stuck in the middle of the supply chain between manufacturers and commercial customers, wholesale distributors have seen margins erode due to changing market conditions and the targeted reduction intermediaries from both ends of the supply chain.

Mapping the flow of value via customer experience is what many distributors are doing to improve operating profits.

Key benefits of utilising ERP to reach operational excellence

Reduce your operating costs by minimising errors in quoting, fulfilment, and operations

Improve sales forecasting accuracy with product configurator and available to promise

Increase working capital efficiency with demand planning and supply chain management

Klugo Solution Map for Wholesale Distribution

Klugo’s end-to-end solution supports wholesale distributors to increase margins whilst lowering costs and freeing resources to offer a high-quality service. By achieving operational excellence, you can offer a flow of value to your customers at both ends of the ever-changing supply chain.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like NetSuite for wholesale distribution measurably improves your operating performance giving you an advantage in a crowded marketplace. With one system, you can manage your entire customer journey, improve your decision-making, and grow your business.

NetSuite ERP

Order management

NetSuite ERP

Financial management

NetSuite ERP

Project and job accounting

NetSuite ERP

Supply chain management

NetSuite ERP

Warehouse and fulfilment

NetSuite CRM

Sales force automation

NetSuite CRM

Opportunity management

NetSuite MES

Production Management

NextService FSM

Field force automation

NextService FSM

Schedule and dispatch

NextService FSM

Planned maintenance

NextService FSM

Asset management

Verenia CPQ

Product configurator

Enterprise Resource Planning

With distribution ERP software you can manage logistics operations as well as front- and back-office activities. Determine product demand and ensure that you deliver on time. Control all your inventory, warehousing, and logistics in one place.

Financial management 

Report product level gross margin contribution in your financial reports. Manage your business with financial, operational and customer metrics on one page.

Track and correlate integrated operational business intelligence key performance indicators like inventory turn, shrinkage, working capital, day sales outstanding (DSO) and returns.

Order Management 

From quote to fulfilment with integrated freight. Supports 3PL and multi address shipping from.

Project and job accounting

Project management and accounting for installations. Job and service contracts profitability.

Supply Chain Management 

Purchasing and supplier performance reporting. Demand planning with sales order and promotional campaign forecast.

Warehouse and fulfilment 

Directed put away, wave and batch picking. Serial and lot tracking. Multi-location hierarchical distribution replenishment.

By implementing ERP technology, distributors seeking to be operationally excellent can take a data-driven look at their processes and identify bottlenecks and redundant activities, maximising inventory turns and Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROI).

Customer Relationship Management

CRM provides distributors with layers of technology automating sales processes from the back-office to on-site, integrating all systems for decision–support through the complete customer experience. NetSuite offers a multi-channel sales engine that can provide a fully operational level of engagement and cost–to–service for all clients, from the more impromptu to the high touch large customers.

Sales force automation 

Sales conversion tracking from quote to cash. Multiple price levels, product group price and volume discounts.

Opportunity management 

Supports complex multistage sales cycles with projected and weighted pipeline sales forecasting.  

Manufacturing Execution System

NetSuite MES module helps distributors to simplify the order process and provide a superior customer experience. Manage complex orders with a multi-level bill of materials and automate sales processes that directly integrate freight bookings and costs.

Production Management 

Work order management with multi-level bill of materials and costing.

Operationally excellent distributors shift the inventory business model toward proactive management of their inventory, motivating staff to reduce costs and provide superior customer service.
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Field Service Management

Real-time data adds clarity to both short-term forecasting and long-term strategising, enabling wholesale distributors, as well as their sales reps, to always stay on top of market demand. NextService FSM technology ensures that live information flows to support data-driven decitions in the field and in the office.

Scheduling and Dispatch 

Service request and programmed maintenance scheduling for technicians, crews, or sun-contractors.

Field Service Automation

Mobile device job management, checklist, and dynamic forms. Timesheet, expenses, quotes, and sales from the field.

Planned Maintenance  

Lifecycle management with planned servicing and repairs.

Asset Maintenance 

Owned and third-party custom asset definitions form servicing, repairs, and maintenance.

Configure Price Quote

A Salesforce survey stated that in 2020, 75% of B2B buyers expected to receive a personalised experience from their wholesale suppliers and that this experience included dynamic delivery with real-time automation. CPQ systems can help automate complex work order management.

Dynamic BOM and routing

Eliminate BOM templates. Eliminate and build work orders and routes from options selected in the product configurator.

Product Configurator 

Guided sales quote generation for configuring products with options, conditional selections and pricing.

Klugo are committed to our customers

Achieving operational excellence for our customers is at the core of what we aim to do. Our mission is to help customers achieve operational excellence using NetSuite + NextService.

Headland Machinery

Headland Machinery supplies leading machinery technology, software and services and are embracing the future with IoT, Industry 4.0, Automation and Additive Manufacturing. Proactive customer service is the cornerstone of successful long-term relationships with customers.


Aquatec has had 30 years experience providing water and wastewater solutions to local government and commercial enterprises through the Australasian region. With plans to expand the business and improve on efficiencies, Aquatec required a system that would grow with their business.

Ecolab Australia

Ecolab is a leading supplier of both laboratory and medical equipment with over 2,000 customers throughout Australia & New Zealand. Ecolab supply their medical and scientific equipment from a head office in Melbourne and satellite offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Our customers

Wholesale Distribution Industries

Although we can help most wholesale distributors to achieve operational excellence utilising the Best-in-Class ERP solution for Australia and New Zealand, we have strong expertise in the following wholesale distribution industries:

Machinery and Equipment

A complete solution for machinery and equipment distribution businesses designed to create streamlined customer engagement, product tracking, fast fulfilment and more for distribution businesses. Our solution caters for distributors who also perform service, maintenance and warranties.

Motor Vehicle and Parts

Streamline the distribution of motor vehicles and parts with NetSuite ERP. Klugo offer a complete solution for motor vehicles and parts distributors to completely manage production, track supplier/vendors and monitor the flow of inventory through to delivery to help them run a profitable and scalable business.

Construction Supplies

Our solution for distributors of supplies for construction, building management and renovations offers a single source of data to power their entire distribution chain. From CRM, resourcing, payroll, job costing and more, Klugo can help distributors to streamline their supply strategies for the construction industry.

Oracle NetSuite Award 2020

Klugo’s NetSuite ERP implementation

We have selected the worlds leading cloud ERP, Oracle NetSuite + NextService as our business platform of choice to help Australian businesses achieve operational excellence. Why? Because cloud business platforms are future proof, this enables our customers take advantage of emerging IoT and AI technologies. 

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