HVAC Businesses are Ditching Paper and Going Digital 

HVAC Businesses are Ditching Paper and Going Digital 

It’s no secret that new technology in the HVAC industry is seeing more businesses make the move to a paperless workplace. Clean, green, efficient and cost-effective – what’s not to like? According to Clean Up Australia, we use more than 4.2 million tonnes of paper annually in this country, but this is starting to change. Once the backbone of businesses, we’re seeing more and more organisations ditching the paper in favour of digital solutions, and they’re reaping the cost benefits.

Aussies want to connect digitally

Paper-based transactions are a thing of the past. They’re unreliable, slow and inconvenient. Nowadays, people want quick, easy, seamless experiences from anywhere they like – computer, tablet or smartphone device. Satisfied customers equal repeat business and referrals.

Minimise competition 

55% of consumers say that they would choose businesses that offer cloud-based customer self-service tools over those who don’t. With this in mind, you could lose half of your customers purely for this reason.

Time = money

Think how much time is wasted printing, scanning and faxing documents – or when a document is lost, incomplete or not in good order. Going digital and embracing new technology in  means you’re freeing up yours and your team’s time to focus on the customer and business strategy.

Secure data 

It’s a common misconception that data isn’t secure if it’s stored digitally – however, storing confidential customer data in the cloud is actually much safer than using paper. This is because all data is stored in one central location and secured with the same level of encryption used by the banking industry – unlike on paper, which can be easily lost or destroyed. This is also a better option for disaster recovery, where you can store multiple digital copies of your data in different physical locations, so if a disaster strikes, your business applications and data are unaffected if they’re hosted in the cloud.

Why not find out for yourself?

If you’re interested in ditching the paper and going digital, but you’re not sure where to start, why not download our NetSuite for HVAC Product Guide?  

2018 HVAC Industry Trends

2018 HVAC Industry Trends

Integration, automation and smart technologies are all trends expected to shape the HVAC industry in 2018, and competition is increasing inline with the growth of residential and commercial construction across Australia. Successful companies in the industry are seizing these new opportunities and embracing technological change by using cloud-based HVAC business software that provides visibility of all stock and inventory, improved efficiencies and responsiveness, seamless scheduling of jobs in real-time, and optimum customer service.

Three Key Trends Impacting HVAC Industry in 2018

1. Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling HVAC businesses to equip systems with Wi-Fi capabilities and built in apps. As data is now digitised, components within HVAC systems can communicate, which means scheduled maintenance and repairs are made easier for field service staff with access to multiple system parameters; temperature sensor readings, operation status, operation mode, EV (electronic expansion valve) position, compressor status, and more.

2. Automation

While automation within the HVAC industry isn’t necessarily a new focus, it’s set to become bigger than ever before in 2018. HVAC businesses taking full advantage of automation are achieving greater consistency and optimisation, and are spending less time running unnecessary maintenance or duplicating data. With the assistance of smart technologies and integrated systems, companies are seeking cost-effective, cloud-based HVAC business software to automate processes and reporting, and gain full visibility across the business in order to provide excellent customer service.

3. Smart Technologies

To meet high customer demand, the need for accuracy is more important than ever. Smart technologies mean that adjustments can be made remotely, saving long-term costs for businesses and ensuring business processes are as efficient as possible. An example of this can be seen in smart thermostats, where temperature can be controlled and adjusted remotely through wireless networks. This gives businesses the ability to monitor system performance and achieve higher energy savings.  

Free Tech Review

If you’re not sure that your business is ready for NetSuite, a free tech review could be just what you need. We’ll look at your existing infrastructure and provide you with a high-level report with the next steps to take.    

Trust | The Essence of a Successful Locksmith Business

Trust | The Essence of a Successful Locksmith Business

Locksmiths are freely granted access to our homes, properties, schools, shops and businesses. A good locksmith is professional, on time, well trained with the latest skills and technology. The locksmith you send to your customer is the face of your brand and the key to your business success

Is your service team able to effectively engage with your customers to build loyalty and repeat business?



Mismanaged Business Processes Impact Growth of Locksmith Businesses 

Mismanaged business processes impact the growth of Locksmith businesses. Old technology systems can result in out of stocks, inefficiencies, lack of visibility into key business metrics, inefficient job scheduling, and data duplication – ultimately leading to unhappy customers and lack of recurring business.

How can Security and Locksmith Businesses Manage Demand? 

Security and locksmith businesses need software that ensures they have the right person at the right time in the right place. Successful Locksmith companies are seizing new opportunities with a system that provides visibility of all stock and inventory across multiple sites and vehicles, improved efficiencies and responsiveness, seamless job scheduling in real-time, and optimum customer service. NextService is an easy-to-use, field service management system that sits within the NetSuite platform – and it was purpose-built for servicing and repairing equipment. This means that users receive all the benefits of NetSuite, while enabling Locksmith businesses to run their core business operations efficiently – with no need for labour intensive processes or data duplication. With a drag and drop schedule board, users allocate their workforce in real-time, and can view the location of all field service staff, view previous service history, and more, with NextService resource scheduling ensuring full response to support and service requests. For more information, download the Locksmith brochure below.

Medical is the #1 IoT Growth Sector – are you Ready?

Medical is the #1 IoT Growth Sector – are you Ready?

Digital disruption is seeing the use of apps in the medical industry rapidly increase. Healthcare is becoming more customer-centric – and with medical device companies like Koch Disruptive Technologies entering the market, the gap between lower quality commodity service and true experts is becoming more evident than ever.

Internet of Things (IoT) in the Medical World

Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over the medical world. According to the Medical Internet of Things and Big Data in Healthcare report, by 2020, 40% of IoT-related technology will be health-related, which is more than any other sector – making up a $117 billion market. This is set to transform the current healthcare industry as we know it today, curbing costs, reducing inefficiencies and saving lives. IoT in medical industry is seeing the use of apps and cloud technology rapidly increase.

Is Your Business Future Proof?

Customers are now ‘always on and always connected’ through their mobile devices and great customer experience is defined by access to digital and online information. Excellent customer experience drives customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and repeat business. Paper trails, inconsistent processes, or incomplete information limit your ability to personalise your service offering and provide optimum customer service. Real-time data metrics integrating your entire business operations give you – and your technicians the information needed to make business decisions, respond to current demands – not historical data, and offer a more personalised service to customers. Have you thought about how your business will adapt to these industry changes, or innovate your products to compete? IoT is all around us and Aussie businesses need to embrace it, and quickly if you want to stay relevant. Find out how cloud technology is helping Gallay Medical and Scientific.

Free Business Process Review

Our business process review provides your business with an overview of your IT systems, identifies any gaps, highlights any risks in your business, and explains how cloud technology is transforming traditional business systems. Furthermore, we deliver a high-level report that outlines a clear IT plan for the future that leverages cloud technology.

  • 2 hour consultation – on premise or remotely.
  • Review existing IT systems, processes and documentation.
  • Identification of risks and opportunities.
  • Detailed report with recommendations and priorities to navigate cloud technology.
The Future of HVAC is in the Cloud

The Future of HVAC is in the Cloud

Global brands like Haier are starting to make waves in the Australian HVAC market. Bigger companies entering the building services market will widen the gap between lower quality commodity service and true experts. The HVAC industry is a long-established industry. More agile, tech-savvy start-ups are challenging the traditional giants in this sector, but how are they staying ahead of the curve? Service-driven contractors, offering excellence in both technical and people skills will flourish.

Digital disruptions and Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital disruptors include; smart facades, solar cooling and greater use of evaporative cooling technologies. IoT-enabled HVAC usually takes the form of smart thermostats and sensors monitoring environmental changes and communicating back and forth with your HVAC equipment, dynamically adjusting temperature as needed. By opting for cloud-based architecture and infrastructure, businesses can scale and connect easily to other systems and devices. A flexible IoT platform accommodates a change in a world of digital disruption. Does your HVAC business have future-proof plans in place to embrace digital change?

Stand out and Command a Price Premium

Real-time data metrics integrating your entire business operations give you – and your technicians the information needed to make business decisions, respond to current demands – not historical data, and offer a more personalised service to customers. Redefine your operations and better compete in today’s digital world with a cloud-based business management platform. Today, NetSuite is leading the way, providing a fully integrated solution, enabling complete transparency across customers, financials, engineers and technicians. Using a cloud platform allows businesses to cost-effectively manage operations – including your field service technicians and engineers.

Why Choose NetSuite?

Specifically tailored to HVAC manufacturing and installation, NetSuite supports product development in the IoT space and provides customer insights to better drive customer engagement, eliminate discrepancies, reduce costs and waste, and see end-to-end part and order management.

Empowered Field Services

Do you service the equipment you distribute? You’ll need NextService, an easy-to-use field service software system native to NetSuite. NextService field service software for HVAC saves businesses time, gain full customer transparency, order parts in the field, invoice customers on the job to avoid customer queries and payment delays and equip your technicians with a system that enables them to provide optimum customer service. NextService manages all aspects of field service delivery management from job scheduling, customer information, inventory, service reviews, warranties and billing.

Free Business Process Review

Ask for a free business process review. We’ll investigate your existing infrastructure and provide a report outlining steps you can take to stand out in HVAC. Our technology review provides your business with an overview of your IT systems, identifies gaps and highlights risks in your business and illustrates how cloud technology can transform traditional business systems. At the conclusion, we deliver a high-level report that outlines an IT plan for your future that leverages cloud technology.

NextService: Field Service Utopia

NextService: Field Service Utopia

The Dream Your cloud-based NetSuite ERP system has been implemented so your business operations are streamlined. This was done in order to have everything running in one system; CRM, financials, payroll, inventory. It provides you with a 360° view of your entire enterprise – all connected and engineered to scale as you grow.

The Nightmare

However, you’re still using your old field service management system and importing summary data. You can’t see where your staff are from within NetSuite and you don’t have real time visibility across inventory. Your service staff are still using paper in the field and you’re manually entering data into NetSuite afterwards. This isn’t inline with the plan you’d had of implementing a cloud-based solution. How can you unify NetSuite and your entire field service operation?

The Hero

You can still have a unified NetSuite ERP with a field service management system built directly into it, not onto it. NextService installs straight into your NetSuite account with no connector and no application programming interface (API). There is no importing or exporting of data. NextService is a field service management system built for NetSuite, and it natively communicates with your entire account. There is no need to waste time mapping fields or creating connections to external systems – because NextService is already inside the NetSuite ERP. This means you can combine all your field service data into any other reports, saved searches and dashboards. NextService can configure your entire field service business in as little as 40 hours – includes the Mobile App and your billing rules. It’s all done in NetSuite – the whole solution – including our drag and drop scheduler. Check out the NextService website for full product information. Get in touch with an expert today.