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Why Customer Experience is Key for Equipment Hire Businesses

By: Klugo Group20 June 2018 Klugo News, News

You’ve probably heard about digital disruption in the equipment hire industry. Yes, it’s being spoken about a lot, but it’s for good reason.

The industry is growing, and developments in technology are making it more important than ever for your business to stay ahead of the game.

For equipment hire businesses to thrive in today’s market, it’s about creating a digital presence for your business and ensuring that you’re going above and beyond to create the all important customer experience.

Important Takeaways

  • The top priority for equipment rental customers is to be able to browse inventory and reserve equipment online.
  • Rental customers want the option to sign agreements online.
  • The preferred method of payment for rental customers is online, which requires businesses to have secure hire and rental software.

Online Equipment Rental

71% of customers say that the option to reserve equipment online is preferable above businesses who don’t offer this – in fact, companies that don’t offer this are more likely to fall behind.

The ability to reserve equipment online depends on browsing inventory first, which is also recorded as a high priority for equipment rental customers.

Digital Rental Agreements

Today’s world is digital, and people are impatient. While renters must sign off on agreements or contracts prior to equipment hire, customers are more likely to be put off renting from you if the process is lengthy or difficult.

A simple form with electronic sign-off is the second most impactful online rental feature, and gives your business a competitive edge.

Online Payments

This is the third most critical capability for online equipment hire. 53% of equipment rental customers say that online payments are useful.

While this may seem like an obvious feature, you’d be surprised at the amount of companies who don’t accept this method of payment and still use more traditional methods like payment over the phone.

Having said this, it’s crucial that your system is secure. Failure to protect your customers personal information could put your entire business in jeopardy.

How Does Your Current Hire and Rental Software Affect Customer Lifecycle?

So, with the above in mind, the typical lifecycle of an equipment rental customer is as follows:

1. Browse equipment.
2. Schedule rental.
3. Acquire equipment.
4. Use equipment.
5. Return equipment.

It’s important to bear this customer journey in mind when choosing or updating your equipment hire and rental software. Your system must facilitate a great customer experience and allow your business to grow.

Does your current system fully support both your business and your customers? Is your current system flexible enough to grow with your business?

Download the brochure below or get in touch to discuss the benefits of simplifying your entire business with a one-system solution.

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