HVAC Field Service Management Software with NetSuite ERP

HVAC businesses benefit from our NetSuite field service management software to gain total control of scheduling, dispatching, billing, inventory management and all related tasks for excellent service delivery.

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NetSuite + NextService: ERP for HVAC businesses with on-platform field services management

The combination of NetSuite’s ERP system and NextService field management software for HVAC services increases productivity in your business by eliminating redundant processes and tasks through automation.  Streamline processes and increase efficiencies by automating all business operations. Enjoy mobility and flexibility with a mobile-friendly solution that provides faster and more accurate access to each customer’s information and history.

  • Increase customer satisfaction with an effective HVAC service dispatch software  
  • Gain access to task status and every technician or HVAC contractor in real time  
  • Review checklists and forms from a mobile device  
  • Carry out workflows and processes for regulatory compliance purposes  
  • Increase revenue with HVAC scheduling software that automates preventive maintenance scheduling 
  • Boost efficiency and schedule more work with the same personnel by using the right HVAC service software
  • Get in-depth forecasting and reporting with real-time access to all your service-related data stored in one place.  
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NetSuite + NextService field service management software for dispatching and scheduling your HVAC installations and maintenance in the field

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Benefits of having NetSuite + NextService field service software in your company

  • Increase utilisation up to 25% whilereducing administration costs   
  • Improve information management by eliminating paper-based processes and double data entry  
  • Manage inventory effectively  
  • Total asset visibility and improved operations  
  • Grow your business with accurate and timely industry specific reports and KPIs 
  • Make better decisions with real-time data transparency

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NetSuite Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for field service organisations

This guide contains everything you need to know about NetSuite for field service businesses, from available modules and industry solutions through to pricing and technology platform. Download now to start your journey to the world’s leading Cloud ERP.

NetSuite ERP for your HVAC business

Klugo, a leading Netsuite solution provider in Australia, implements NetSuite + NextService and caters to the needs of field-based businesses.  Our implementation process is modular, so it can be configured to meet your exact requirements and scale as you need.

Sales CRM - HVAC Customer management
Klugo has adapted the NetSuite CRM and Sales Automation solution to closely align with the unique requirements of the  HVAC servicing industry.

NetSuite CRM arms your sales team with the tools to quote and estimate for simple, quick repairs, heating and cooling maintenance jobs, simple projects, or large, complex and multi-stage projects. Industry specific workflows ensure that presales activities, including estimates and opportunities are as simple and automated as possible and drive pipeline reporting.

  • Build quotes and estimates quickly and easily with templates
  • Track/manage client communication and case management to ensure industry leading customer service
  • Access real-time pipeline reporting to help you understand upcoming projects
Accounting and finances - HVAC Invoicing software

NetSuite provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage all standard and HVAC project accounting requirements, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, financial and project profitability reporting, payroll, job costing and more. 

Klugo has further streamlined NetSuite for field service businesses, enabling out-of-the-box transaction and information flow between the accounting department and other operational areas of the business, while also increasing financial control through approvals and workflow management. 

  • Reduce manual accounting administration by using the NetSuite Workflow and Approval automation engine 
  • Reduce the time spent aggregating information to produce monthly progress invoices 
  • Simplify project procurement through sophisticated advance procurement functionality 
  • Real time data collection with field service allows real time invoicing and real time financial records 
Field Service - Mobile HVAC software

Klugo offers NextService, an on-platform field management software solution that allows seamless management of HVAC field service requirements, including resource scheduling for inspections, installations and repairs of air conditioning and heating systems. NextService simplifies the way data is captured in the field and stored within a single solution for future reference. For businesses that require field-based inventory consumption tracking, NextService enables live lookup of van stock and instantaneous consumption/allocation of inventory to a task or project using NetSuite’s proving inventory management functionality.

  • On platform field service management simplifies communications between the office and field 
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling streamlines the process of choosing the right person for the job 
  • GPS Tracking allows you to see the exact location of field-based resources to allow for efficient allocation and better utilisation of staff     
Project management - HVAC management software 

With NetSuite’s cloud-based solution, stakeholders can see, monitor and manage heating and cooling project status anytime, anywhere.  By delivering complete visibility and control, NetSuite’s project management solution gives you real-time access to all project information for your HVAC business. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients and reduced non-billable work.

  • Comprehensive project management functionality that is intrinsically linked to pre-sales and project accounting information 
  • Simplified project administration with workflows and approvals 
  • Ability to schedule field service-based project tasks and assign to specific resources 
Dashboard and reporting - Real Time Dashboards, KPI’s and Reports

One of the biggest benefits of managing your entire HVAC business on a single platform is the ability to report across all departments in real time. Klugo has a large collection of prebuilt roles, dashboards and reports tailored and tested for a wide range of Australian users in the field service industry.

  • Increased visibility and accountability to 100% of HVAC field technicians  
  • Reporting designed with and for field service businesses. 
  • Compare operational and financial performance reporting to identify potential areas of improvement 
Inventory, supply chain and MRP - Managing inventory, materials, supply chain and work orders

Whether you need to manage the procurement process, define demand or supply plans for work orders and assemblies or manage a complex manufacturing process, NetSuite has a range of modules available to help. NetSuite inventory management enables you to effectively and efficiently manage multiple warehouses and inventory locations, as well as multiple inventory/material types, including serialized, lot numbered, batches and more.

  • Fully featured MRP including functionality to manage Kits, Assemblies, BOM’s and Routing Plans 
  • Gain valuable insights into your manufacturing operations productivity 


Workflow and automation - Automation, Alerts and Best Practices in Field Service 

NetSuite has an on-platform workflow automation design engine that will help your HVAC business manage automation and approvals in the system and free up your team’s time for profit generating activities. 

  • Rapidly deploy workflows in response to changing business needs 
  • Improve responsiveness by enabling continual tracking of various steps in a business process. 
  • Create workflows to support the job completion process and ensure all details have been recorded, customer has signed off and job is ready for billing.
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