NetSuite ERP for Security and Surveillance Equipment Providers

Security and surveillance businesses can take advantage of NetSuite field service management solutions to provide extraordinary customer service in the field by managing patrol schedules as well as the installation, dispatch and maintenance of alarms and security systems.

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Security guard monitoring - field services

NetSuite + NextService: ERP for security equipment providers with on-platform field services management

Security and surveillance industry specialists are adopting new technologies like NetSuite’s ERP system and NextService field management software to improve customer engagement. Security equipment installation and repair services benefit from process automation enabled by our Cloud ERP platform. Our field service solution, tailored to security and surveillance distributors, offers a mobile-friendly solution that provides technicians with fast, easy access to asset information, guarranty, van inventory, checklists, billing and 360° customer data.

  • Make sure all security system items are ready for dispatch with a remote inventory management solution.
  • Schedule security system installations and repairs with NetSuite + NextService. Ensure the right technician is assigned to every job to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Leverage our scheduling software, to schedule installation, maintenance and repair jobs. Record all necessary data onsite.
  • Grant technicians and subcontractors access to all essential information, such as customer details, locations, tasks, assets while they are in the field.
  • Utilise more than 50 standard reports to upgrade workflows and processes in your security installation business.
  • Our field service management software lets your technicians manage inventory via drop-down menus and a built-in barcode scanner.
  • Boost technicians and subcontractors efficiency to perform more tasks without additional help.
  • Improve real time reporting and alerts for your customers. 
  • Increase profitability by automating preventative maintenance tasks, use advanced reporting to find upsales oportunities for upgrading security equipment and increase services contract revenue.
Oracle NetSuite Award 2020

NetSuite + NextService field service management software simplifies scheduling and monitoring security systems installation, maintenance and repair.

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Benefits of having NetSuite + NextService field service software in your company

  • Increase utilisation up to 25% while reducing administration costs   
  • Improve information management by eliminating paper-based processes and double data entry  
  • Manage inventory effectively  
  • Total asset visibility and improved operations  
  • Grow your business with accurate and timely industry specific reports and KPIs 
  • Make better decisions with real-time data transparency
checkpoint systems case study - field service

CheckPoint Systems – case study

Find out how a company that delivers vertically integrated RF/RFID solutions for retail businesses, reduced paperwork, lowered fixed overheads by $200,000 per annum, and improved job response times.

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NetSuite Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for field service organisations

This guide contains everything you need to know about NetSuite for field service businesses, from available modules and industry solutions through to pricing and technology platform. Download now to start your journey to the world’s leading Cloud ERP.

NetSuite ERP for your security business

Klugo, a leading NetSuite solution provider in Australia, implements NetSuite + NextService and caters to the needs of field-based businesses.

Sales CRM - Customers, Contractors and Vendors

NetSuite CRM is a flexible solution that can be configured to suit your security business. Whether you need to track information about clients, vendors, partners, or security system contractors, NetSuite gives you a place to manage all contact details, communications and open cases.

NetSuite CRM also gives business development teams the ability to track all information relating to potential projects and sales opportunities, while collaborating with team members and third parties to give you the best possible chance of winning the project.

Accounting and finances

NetSuite’s integrated accounting and financial control functionality streamlines and automates the accounting process. Your accounts payables team will be able to manage preferred vendors from RFQ’s, manage blanket purchase order entry and approvals at the project level, and create vendor bills in a simple dashboard view.

The accounts receivable team will be able to create progress and milestone‑based invoices, as well as create detailed project task completion reporting for client review.

Field Service - Installations, Maintenance and Repair tracking software

NextService, a field management software solution, offers functionality to manage all aspects of your service offering in the security equipment industry, including the installation, repair and maintenance of security systems.

  • Simplify communication between personnel in the office and field technicians with our software for security companies.
  • Select the right staff for each job and schedule tasks with our drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Track exact locations of field-based staff and get improve. Personnel allocation via GPS.
  • Capture the right data specific to each job. Collect data provides live reportable metrics and service reports.
Project management - Project planning

NetSuite helps your team manage projects more effectively using project templates. Utilise flexible project duplication options to create new projects from templates and flexibly assign resources.

NetSuite and ProScope help project managers view the entire project plan with an easy-to-read Gantt chart. Users get a comprehensive real-time snapshot of project status, down to the task level.

Project managers can track all the financial metrics of a project, including budgets, estimates, work in progress, bookings, invoices, billing milestones, percentage complete and costs.

Dashboard and reporting - Real Time Dashboards, KPI’s and Reports

Gain the ability to report across all departments in real time by with a single technology platform. Klugo offers a collection of prebuilt roles, dashboards and reports tailored and tested for security businesses in field service industry. 

  • Field service specific roles and dashboards help businesses identify KPI’s and enhance the user experience to increase productivity.
  • Designing your own dashboards helps users become more efficient and productive.
  • Standardise the way you present information to users based on their role or job function.
  • Leverage NetSuite’s inbuilt tools to generate your own reports, dashboards and reminders relevant to your unique business.
Inventory, supply chain and MRP - Managing inventory, materials, supply chain and work orders

With NetSuite Inventory Management, security businesses can control stock stored within warehouses, such as serialised items, lots, batches and more. 

  • Manage kits, assemblies, BOM’s and routing plans with a full-featured MRP.
  • Gain valuable insights into your manufacturing operations productivity.
  • Have complete visibility of stock levels, item fulfillments and procurement status’ with NetSuite tried and tested inventory management tools.
Workflow and automation - Automation, Alerts and Best Practices in Field Service 

Automate your business for maximum efficiency and flexibility with workflow management. SuiteFlow provides customers with easy-to-use point-and-click tools to customise and automate business processes.

Business processes such as lead nurturing, collections management, sales discounting approvals, purchase order approvals, and more can be easily automated with NetSuite’s SuiteFlow module. You will be able to harness the power of an easy-to-use graphical workflow designer, build and maintain workflows, and quickly edit and change routing, approvals, rules, and branching conditions.

Oracle Netsuite Buyers Guide

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Everything there is to know about NetSuite + NextService to streamline your processes and automate your workflows from the field to the back office.

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