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The Benefits of Warehouse Pick, Pack and Ship Automation

Through a combination of hardware, such as RF devices, and software, such as NetSuite, smaller distributors are gaining a competitive advantage by investing in technology that is designed to streamline their warehouse operations. Australian wholesalers are fast...

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How Smart Equipment Hire Businesses Stay Successful

There are several advantages to running a business that rents out equipment rather than selling it. There's room for financial gain, growth, and continued customer relations - but it all comes down to how you go about it. We've identified four key factors that enable...

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52% Wholesale Distributors Moving to Cloud ERP. Are You?

52% of wholesale distribution businesses in Australia are migrating to fully integrated and centralised cloud-based ERP software solutions. They can manage everything from financials and accounting to warehouse management, supply chain, inventory and demand planning to sales and marketing. With this technology their business is run from one single solution, accessible everywhere in real time.

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Solar Boom Drives The Need For New Technology

Aussie Solar Energy Boom Predicted for 2018We're in the midst of a solar energy boom. Analysts say that a record number of solar panels were installed in Australia in 2017 - a total of 9,500 panels installed across the country daily. The sunshine...

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The Cost of Doing Nothing in Wholesale Distribution

"Making Do" - ERP for Wholesale DistributionA white paper recently released by Mint Jutras states that less than 60% of wholesale distributors are using systems to fully support critical business processes. Distributors today appear to be "making do" with...

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Wholesale Distributors: Key Industry Trends

Wholesale Distributors are faced with a rapidly evolving industry. Increased competition, changing business models and innovative technologies are all shaping the field today. There are five key trends that distributors need to pay attention to as they...

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Managing Supplier Relationships Through Automation

Take a moment and think about your business. In particular think about the way it operates, the way you manage customer service and now think about how you manage your supplier relationships. Is it a smooth process or are there aspects that need...

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What has Changed in Wholesale Distribution?

2015 & BeyondThere is a growing need for wholesale distributors to constantly adapt their businesses to needs of their customers. This white paper explores why wholesale distributors need to change processes and invest in technology to enable...

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Conquering the Inventory Dilemma

Key strategies to help with warehouse maintenanceManaging inventory is a tedious task; stock can go missing or you can over order which ultimately leaves you with unwanted product. Trying to get the balance right is difficult, so learning key strategies to...

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State of E-Commerce in Distribution

NetSuite partnered with MDM.com conducted a survey that looked at how e-Commerce is affecting wholesale distribution companies. As the need to progress with technology and move with the times, wholesale distribution companies are realising the necessity to...

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