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SuiteBuilder at a Glance

We are going to take a brief look at a core part of NetSuite today. SuiteBuilder is a customisation tool used for creating components for any individual business process to be implemented in NetSuite. It helps set up NetSuite to control and make user interaction a...

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SuiteBundler: An Introduction

In today’s tip, we will take a look into how NetSuite SuiteBundler works and the significance of this tool in the NetSuite ecosystem. SuiteBundler allows the user to package a group of NetSuite objects for installing in other NetSuite accounts. These packages are also...

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NetSuite Portlets 101 – Part II

In our last tip, we reviewed NetSuite portlets, visual plug-ins that can be added and arranged on dashboards to highlight specific information. They are perfect to have a quick snapshot of the business. In this second part of the tip article, we will examine a number...

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NetSuite Portlets 101 – Part I

A portlet is essentially a visual plug-in that you can add and arrange on NetSuite dashboard to highlight specific information. It gives a snapshot of the business, and there are a plethora of portlets options in NetSuite that allow tailoring and improving your day to...

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Drilling into NetSuite Custom Fields

Custom fields in NetSuite are an essential part of every module. Custom fields are those created manually by users based on their businesses requirements. All standard or customised records can have custom fields. This is particularly useful during implementation and...

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Enabling Inline Editing Feature in NetSuite

Inline Editing feature can help saving Accountant's and Sales Rep's time by allowing them to quickly update records within a saved search portal. Henry Sack, Klugo's Solutions Consultant writes the next tip to do activate inline editing in NetSuite, a feature that...

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Optimising Your Forms to Streamline Your Data Entry

Forms are an essential part of the NetSuite ecosystem, NetSuite provides a standard set of forms for every record type, however users can and should be reviewing the standard fields on the form, and optimising them to ensure that they are designed for fast data entry....

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RF-SMART: NetSuite Inventory Management & WMS

SuiteConnect was held in Sydney in February 2019. Henry Sack, Klugo's Solution Consultant, met with RF-SMART's team and discussed the Inventory Management tools available with their mobile solution built for NetSuite. Whether you are a company that is already on the...

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Adding RSS Feeds to NetSuite Dashboards

We often sit at work with two or more screens open, one for business operations and the other to track other important information like daily news or our company's Facebook or Twitter account. RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds enable NetSuite users to free up that extra...

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Adding a Timeline to the Customer Dashboard

Many users are aware that the customer record, like other entity records, have a dashboard view. What users don't take advantage of is adding the Timeline portlet that outlines the interaction between the entities.Personalise your Customer Dashboard 1. Switch to the...

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Reminders, notes and alerts with NetSuite StickyNotes

We've all pinned sticky notes on our screens, desks or walls at some point to remind us of relevant information. A couple of well-placed notes can have a significant impact on getting your daily goals. NetSuite has a bundle that allows you to create and pin notes on...

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Move Around NetSuite, Navigation Essentials

NetSuite is a lot of software when you look at it in the big scheme of things, so knowing how to NetSuite Navigation, as well as search data and utilise custom portlets on your dashboards is key. There are some great inbuilt tools that make NetSuite Navigation easy to...

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Mastering the NetSuite Super Search

NetSuite ERP centralises CRM, accounting, financials, inventory, eCommerce and more. To navigate through this powerful software, the tabs structure is handy but knowing the system structure by memory is not an easy task. To solve this problem NetSuite has incorporated...

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Getting the Most Out of Your NetSuite Dashboard

NetSuite Dashboards should be the main way that users interact with NetSuite. Whilst the “super search” and “lists” are useful to find targeted information, the NetSuite Dashboard should really be an end users NetSuite hub. If Dashboards are set up correctly, with the...

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Managing NetSuite’s Chart of Accounts

A chart of account (COA) provides a complete listing of every account in accounting system. In NetSuite, you can manually add account records or use the CSV import assistant to upload account information. The Chart of Accounts is an excellent way to record all of...

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NetSuite iOS App – Phone Calls Logging

When speaking with NetSuite end users, Klugo's Solution Consultants have realised that some of them are not taking advantage of NetSuite's mobile app available for both iOS and Android. This app is especially useful for those working as Sales Representatives. This tip...

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