End to End Customer Relationship Management and Integrated Marketing Automation.

Accounting and Financials

Complete accounting and financial management for growing businesses.

Advanced Inventory

Manage supply and demand, multiple warehouse locations and operations.

Demand Planning

Improve your supply and demand planning with fully featured functionality that uses your actual data to provide suggested procurement plans.

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution

At every stage of a distribution businesses process and machinery servicing, NetSuite will help remove barriers and limitations, help you engage, service and reach more customers and use technology to drive your business forward.

Download the NetSuite Guide for Wholesale Distribution

Headland case study - wholesale distribution

Headland Machinery – Case Study

Find out how Headland Machinery, a wholesale distributor, increased revenue, improved customer service and eliminated paper from their field operations.

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution
Mid-Market Edition

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Mid-Market Edition is a fully featured solution that caters for the needs of growing mid-sized Wholesale Distribution businesses.

This edition provides a single system solution that includes: Sales, CRM Management, Accounting and Financial Control, Advanced Inventory and Demand Planning.

Optional modules,  such as field service management, can be added to provide complete coverage of your requirements. Klugo experts can develop specific modules and advise on structuring go-live phases and managed services for every stage of the development.


NetSuite CRM+ delivers powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities, including:

  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Lead Source Management
  • Quoting and Opportunity Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Support and Service
  • Customer Dashboards

Accounting and Financials

Fully integrated accounting and financial management solution including:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory Control
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Customer Billing
  • Financial Planning
  • Order and Procurement Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Advanced Inventory

Expand NetSuite Core ERP’s functionality to managed advanced inventory requirements including:

  • Demand Based Inventory Replenishment
  • Manage Multiple Warehouses/Inventory Locations
  • Dynamic Reordering
  • Matrix Items
  • Landed Cost Calculations
  • Serialised Inventory
  • Lot Management
  • Bin and Put Away Management
  • Barcodes
  • Stock take and cycle counting
  • Warranties
  • Pick, Pack and Ship
  • Freight Integrations

Demand Planning

Increase your inventory optimisation with industry-leading demand planning features including:

  • Standard Safety Stock Levels
  • Forward and Backward Consumption Planning
  • Demand Planning Algorithms including Linear Regression, Moving Average, Seasonal Average and Sales Forecast.
  • Advanced supply planning
  • Automated purchase order approval and creation

A complete solution for wholesale distribution.

With our Wholesale Distribution experience, we have seen the benefits NetSuite provides. We’ve experienced the pain of multiple systems and seen the financial benefits of one system within the first year of our NetSuite implementation.

Having that knowledge and experience first-hand from an end-user point of view puts us in a unique position to help other wholesale distributors gain the same advantage.

We’ve seen it all, every scenario you can imagine, we’ve discussed it, strategised it and provided a solution for large, small and medium-sized wholesale distribution businesses with a field service team.

Download the NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution Guide

Find out why more Wholesalers are turning to the world’s leading Cloud Business Management Platform.

Oracle Netsuite Buyers Guide

Download the NetSuite buyers guide for distributors and businesses with field operations

Learn more about how NetSuite + NextService help businesses to take control of their systems, streamline their operations and automate their workflows from the field to the back office.

wholesale distribution ERP

NetSuite + NextService software for wholesale distribution and machinery servicing

Leverage the power of NetSuite combined with NextService to analyse every stage of your wholesale distribution business and ongoing support of customers and machinery servicing – from technician efficiency to asset and component reliability.

  • Increase machinery servicing revenues with automated preventive maintenance processes.
  • Ensure compliance and follow regulations using the workflows from NextService mobile app.
  • Field technicians can improve customer service by having access to complete machinery maintenance history.
  • Access mobile checklists and forms on the field and perform in-depth analysis on the service history of equipment and components
  • Prompt & efficient customer service providing a greater customer experience and more uptime for machines vital to their business
  • Automatically produce commissioning documentation and service reports from images and data recorded in the field

Manufacturing Asset Management

Wholesale distributors and machinery maintenance businesses can track and manage the service history of assets and components. Asset records can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business, ensuring effective maintenance of equipment.

Scheduling and Dispatching

The NextService Scheduler ensures the right technician with the right skills is allocated to the right equipment service job. The Scheduler also enables dispatchers to help technicians in the field complete tasks or train them remotely.

Remote Inventory Management

Empower field staff with the ability to consume service vehicle stock through the mobile interface and an in-built barcode scanner. Track inventory levels in real-time, eliminate unaccounted for stock and maintain preferred stock levels using NetSuite’s proven inventory management functionality.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess Wholesale Distribution Edition

Cloud ERP is changing with SuiteSuccess by NetSuite. After 20 years of dominating the Cloud ERP space for Wholesale Distribution businesses, NetSuite is now offering a truly modern methodology of implementation that gives clients:

1. Rapid Go Live

You can be live with NetSuite SuiteSuccess Wholesale Distribution Edition in as little as 100 days.

2. Leading Practices Out of the Box

SuiteSuccess editions of NetSuite come pre-bundled with over 3000 hours of professional services effort.

3. Roles, Dashboards, Reports and Workflows on Day One

Pre-installed with a range of roles and dashboards that have been designed to support rapid uptake of the system and provide an enhanced user experience.

Not sure which NetSuite Edition is right for your business?

If you are interested in exploring NetSuite for your business but not sure which edition is right for you, try our interactive NetSuite Buyer’s Portal. We have created two easy to use tools that will help you determine which NetSuite Edition and Modules you will need to consolidate your current software packages into a single platform of technology.

Watch the Demonstration

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution edition delivers end to end functionality to manage everything from marketing and sales, through to procurement warehouse management and more. NetSuite provides a 360-degree view of customers, orders, picking, items and inventory and delivers real time insights into your businesses performance.

SuiteApp Market Place

In addition to this, customers may wish to investigate a wide range of NetSuite ERP apps available on the SuiteApp market place to further enhance their solutions. For Wholesale Distribution, common SuiteApps include DHL Tracking integration, Infinet Cloud Payroll, eTrade, RF Smart for Warehouse Automation, Box app and Australia Post connectors.

Leading Practices for NetSuite ERP Wholesale Distribution

Most Wholesale Distribution businesses share similar business operations and processes, regardless of the industry or product category that they are selling. The core requirements for a wholesale distribution business include:

1. Sales, NetSuite CRM, Task Management and Marketing.
2. Procurement Management.
3. Currency Converter with NetSuite OneWorld.
4. Transportation and Logistics control.
5. Warehouse and Inventory Management.
6. Demand Planning and NetSuite POS.
7. Bins, Locations and Serialised Item Tracking.
8. Stocktaking and cycle counting.
9. Accounting and financial management.
10. Pick, pack and ship processing.
11. Customer service and support.
12. Business Intelligence and Dashboard Reporting.
13. Workflows, automation and approval.

SuiteSuccess Wholesale Distribution edition offers the customer a single system to manage their entire wholesale distribution business. With the modern methodology of implementation, an average sized wholesale distribution business can be live in their new system in as little as 100 days and will have far more control of data, dashboarding and reporting than ever before.

The NetSuite SuiteSuccess Difference

SuiteSuccess by NetSuite is a wholesale distribution software package that is becoming the go-to solution for busy wholesale distribution businesses who are wanting to modernise their IT ecosystem, simplify to a single platform solution, and make the most of what cloud technology offers a modern business.

SuiteSuccess helps Wholesale Distribution businesses by providing a solution that is pre-built with industry-leading practices. This gives growing and established distributors the opportunity to align their business processes with learnings taken from evaluating some of the world’s largest and most successful Wholesale Distribution businesses.

Simplify Your IT Systems

Customers who choose SuiteSuccess Wholesale Distribution Software are investing in a single platform of technology to manage their entire business end to end. SuiteSuccess is a comprehensive set of modules that negates the need for running multiple software packages, simplifies integration and NetSuite API requirements and eliminates spreadsheets and silos of information, giving you 360-degree visibility of your entire business operation.

Take Control of Your Wholesale Distribution Processes

From lead to cash, procure to pay, order to ship; NetSuite SuiteSuccess Wholesale Distribution Edition gives users a single platform of technology to improve their operational efficiency and increase their margins by using wholesale distribution leading practices.

Grow Your Business Without Additional Overheads

SuiteSuccess comes out of the box with leading practices and workflow automation that reduce the amount of manual labour required to manage the administration of a wholesale distribution business. SuiteSuccess automation and workflows will eliminate duplicate data entry, Dropbox file storage and allow for seamless transition of orders through the sales process, pick, pack and ship, process as well as managing field services, customer support and return authorisations.

NetSuite Implementation Methodology

SuiteSuccess implementations focus on the concept of rapid go live, to ensure that you are getting a return on your investment in this new technology as quickly as possible. With SuiteSuccess, the system is loaded with scripts and bundles that provide an off the shelf solution, made specifically for wholesale distribution without the need to configure and implement the entire system from scratch.

For our customers, this means that the majority of the implementation effort required to get the wholesale software solution up and running is largely done on day one, so we can focus our NetSuite implementation efforts on adding value to your business by enhancing the system to meet your requirements and solve your specific challenges.

Step 1. Business Requirements Definition

The first step in the implementation process is to conduct a thorough evaluation of your current systems, business requirements and the outcomes that you would like to achieve at go live. This information is then transformed into an implementation plan that delivers your required functionality and significantly improves your day to day operations.

Step 2. NetSuite Consultant Build

Our team of NetSuite Implementation consultants will commence building and configuring your NetSuite environment in line with the requirements that were defined in the BRD. This build will provide a working concept of your NetSuite solution and be used as the base system for proof of concept demonstrations and user acceptance testing.

Step 3. Proof of Concept Demonstration

Your lead NetSuite consultant will organise an end to end demonstration of your NetSuite solution for both the key players involved in the implementation from your business, as well as other team members as required. During these demonstrations, we will have the opportunity to provide feedback on further improvements or enhancements which will be finalised ahead of user acceptance testing of your new wholesale distribution software system.

Step 4. User Acceptance Testing

Once your instance of the SuiteSuccess Wholesale Distribution Edition has been configured and customised to your requirements, and we have sign-off from the project team that what has been demonstrated is in line with company requirements, we will then issue a NetSuite Login to the system for users for the purpose of user acceptance testing. We will gather resources from each department of your business and have them run real-life transactions through the system to test functionality, ensure the system is working the way you need it to, and that all GL impacts and reporting are correct. From Sales, operations, warehouse and finance we will conduct a thorough testing phase of the system to ensure that your go live is a smooth as possible.

Step 5. NetSuite Go-Live

Your NetSuite go-live date is an exciting time, as this represents the culmination of a lot of hard work and the start of a new, better way of doing business. On Go Live Day, our consultants will be on hand to help your team transition to NetSuite as their new software and help train your people on how to use NetSuite for their role, as well as provide useful advice on managing their dashboards to get the most out of the software system. Your NetSuite implementation team will be available for up to 4 weeks post go live to help your team transition to the new system and ensure that they are confident in their day to day use of the NetSuite Wholesale Distribution software.

Step 6. NetSuite Managed Services and Support

After you go live, you will be supported ongoing by our managed services and support team, who are specialists in offering NetSuite support to our customers. This team will be able to assist you with the day to day running of the system, provide services for report writing or dashboard configuration and will proactively help you to continually improve your use of the NetSuite Wholesale Distribution platform. At Klugo, we focus on long term partnerships with our customers to ensure joint success in managing your NetSuite platform.

Klugo, A Leading Australian NetSuite Partner

Since 2013, Klugo has been helping growing Australian field service companies to revolutionise their IT Ecosystem with the NetSuite Oracle platform and related technologies. We have a wide range of experience in helping field service customers simplify their strategy, take control of their operations and business processes and grow, without the need for an additional headcount to handle the workload.

Oracle NetSuite offers a modern, cloud-based ERP solution to manage your entire business. Klugo has helped hundreds of businesses across a wide range of industries including Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Not for Profit, Membership Associations, Software Companies and Professional Services Businesses to pioneer in their industry by leveraging the power of the NetSuite system.

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